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The stars are dancing

Do not sit alone in the dark.
By Om Prakash
Fall 2012 8.15.12

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Stars at night (© Sukharevskyy Dmytro/iStockphoto)

(© Sukharevskyy Dmytro/iStockphoto)

The stars are dancing tonight,
while the moon sits in her golden hammock,
swaying back and forth to the rhythm of celestial voices.

The Beloved is full of rapture,
dancing worlds and stars into being,
drunk with the wine of passion
and filling the heavens with song.

Do not sit alone in the dark
while creation sings three-part harmony.
Dance, my friends.
Dance wildly,
sing joyfully,
fill your heart with the beauty of the Beloved
as the Beloved turns your soul to light.

This article appeared in the Fall 2012 issue of UU World (page 17). Excerpted from Voices from the Margins: An Anthology of Meditations, ed. by Jacqui James and Mark D. Morrison-Reed (Skinner House, 2012). See sidebar for links to related resources.

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