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More about RSS

Using RSS feeds, a wide range of software programs and websites can monitor all your favorite websites for you, including uuworld.org, letting you know whenever new content has been published.

Some web browsers—including the latest versions of Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer 7—allow you to subscribe to RSS feeds directly. New uuworld.org headlines will show up in your browser’s bookmarks. Many websites—like Yahoo!, Google, and many Internet service providers’ homepages—offer personalized homepages to which you can add RSS feeds. (See my.yahoo.com and reader.google.com, for example.) Software is also available to monitor RSS feeds on your computer desktop, including FeedDemon for Windows and NewsFire for Apple computers. These programs are called news readers or RSS aggregators.

RSS stands for “really simple syndication.” RSS feeds are specially formatted files used by news readers and some web browsers to summarize new headlines or recent changes to a website. Unlike a web page, which is formatted to make it easy for a browser to display, an RSS feed is formatted to make it easy for news readers to use. Clicking a link to a uuworld.org feed may take you to a page that looks like a jumble of code. (If you’re using an up-to-date browser, you may instead see a nicely formatted summary.) But if you copy and paste the link into a news reader, the news reader will begin showing uuworld.org headlines alongside headlines from other sites you subscribe to.

Many newspapers and magazines, institutions, and blogs now publish RSS feeds to make it easier for readers to know when their website has been updated or new information has been published.

Learn more about RSS and news readers:

“What is RSS?”
(A basic tutorial introducation from Software Garden, Inc.)

“BBC RSS feeds”
(The BBC’s user-friendly RSS tutorial and guide to news readers.)

“Unitarian Universalist Association RSS Feeds”
(The publisher of uuworld.org also offers RSS feeds for institutional announcements and services.)