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Woods sentinel

Interpreting the visual treasures that surround us.
By Audrey Kay Dowling
Spring 2012 2.15.12

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Woods Sentinel. © 2010 Audrey Kay Dowling. Mixed media, 16.5 x 20 inches.

My goal is to interpret the essence of the visual treasures that surround us. Form is beautiful, color is exciting, movement is visually stimulating, and texture and patterns open my eyes and my heart to express myself through paint.

Woods Sentinel includes one of my linoleum block prints, with vine charcoal, charcoal pencil, and pastels drawn around the outside of the print. This piece truly reflects both my love of the woods and the beautiful things that you find there, including the wild flowers and the ever-present crow who always makes an announcement to the rest of the woods creatures that I am entering their territory (hence the title "Woods Sentinel").

Photo of artwork by James Hoggard.

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