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Spring 2007, Vol.XXI No.1

Spring 2007, Vol.XXI No.1 cover

On the cover:

"Cheddar Gorge," detail, © 1997 by Mark Copeland, oil on canvas. Private collection. Portal Gallery Ltd./The Bridgeman Art Library.



Eating ethically
Eating connects us intimately with the 'interdependent web of all existence,' but most food is grown in environmentally unsustainable ways. Is there a Seventh Principle approach to food?
By Amy Hassinger in Ideas

Help for anxious parents
The world is a dangerous place, but many parents are at risk of overprotecting their children.
By Kimberly French in Life

The anxiety pro
Psychologist John Dacey's own struggle with anxiety inspired a career helping others.
By Kimberly French in Life

The heart of our faith
Gratitude should be the center of Unitarian Universalist theology.
By Galen Guengerich in Ideas