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May/June 2005, Vol.XIX No.3

May/June 2005, Vol.XIX No.3 cover

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Slaves to energy
We depend on energy sources that threaten dramatic climate changes around the world. Can we change course? The author suggests that it may be possible with difficult and far-reaching changes.
By Jon Luoma in Ideas

What you can do about global warming
The global warming problem is too global for a few simple steps to solve it, but there are actions you can take.
By Jon Luoma in Life

Why I go to General Assembly
'Going to General Assembly is the best inoculation that I know to prevent denominational shallowness.'
By Greg Hines in Spirit

New This Year
General Assembly showing a more eco-friendly face.
By Donald E. Skinner in News

Reforming a criminal justice system in crisis
The General Assembly considers a new Statement of Conscience.
By Warren R. Ross in Ideas