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UUA seeks congregational input on peacemaking resolution by March 1.
By Christopher L. Walton
Spring 2008 2.15.08

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The 2006 General Assembly adopted a four-year congregational study/action issue (CSAI) that asks whether the UUA should “reject the use of any and all kinds of violence and war” and “adopt a principle of seeking just peace through nonviolent means.” The Commission on Social Witness, which manages the study/action process and will draft a Statement of Conscience on peacemaking for the 2010 General Assembly, is seeking input from congregations through March 1, 2008. Visit uua.org/peacemaking for a congregational feedback form and many resources for congregations.

The Peacemaking CSAI Core Team, made up of volunteers appointed by the Commission on Social Witness, has interpreted the study/action issue broadly and is not focusing solely on the question of war.

The 2008 General Assembly may select a second CSAI for 2008-2012. Learn more at uua.org/csai.

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