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Place a Display Ad

  1. Choose your ad size

    Display advertisements can be placed in UU World in the following sizes (Our Display Advertisement Technical Specifications contain the exact dimensions for each ad size):

    • Full page
    • Full page “bleed” (see specs)
    • Full page cover (inside or back)
    • 2/3 page vertical orientation only
    • 1/2 page vertical orientation (see specs)
    • 1/2 page horizontal orientation
    • 1/2 page tall format (see specs)
    • 1/3 page square
    • 1/3 page vertical orientation
    • 1/4 page vertical orientation only
    • 1/6 page horizontal orientation
    • 1/6 page vertical orientation
    • 1/12 page (square)
  2. Please contact us for advertising rates.

  3. Reserve your ad space

    Print a blank Display Ad Reservation Form (pdf)

    The reservation form is in pdf format. If you do not already have it, you will need to download and install Acrobat Reader (free) to view and print this form. Once completed, the form can be faxed or returned to us via US Mail. If you would prefer the convenience of completing the reservation form electronically, contact us and we will email it to you in Microsoft Word format.

    If you are not familiar with the form or you need assistance, please call or email us! It would be our pleasure to complete the form with you over the phone. Just give us a ring; we’ll take the information down and return a completed copy to you for your records.

    Upon receipt of your completed reservation form, we’ll confirm your ad space and rate by returning a copy of the form to you for your records.

  4. Technical Specifications

    Magazine publishing has certainly become a high-tech enterprise, but that’s no reason for it to be a nightmare for an advertiser to get a distinctive and well-designed ad into a magazine. It has become relatively standard that the small business or non-profit advertiser needs to find a reliable graphic designer to produce the ad in an electronic format that is compatible with the publication’s printing requirements. We request that you share our Display Advertisement Technical Specifications with a graphic designer you know and trust. Any qualified designer will understand and be able to comply with these specs.

    Beyond the technical jargon, here’s what you, the advertiser, need to know in order to assure that the ad materials sent to us by you or your designer are complete:

    1. All ad materials must be submitted in proper format on or before the issue deadline.
    2. Ads that are not 100% in compliance with our specifications cannot be published.
    3. ALL digital ads must be accompanied by a hard copy of the ad for proofing purposes. This hard copy can be faxed or sent by US Mail. This proof is used to ensure that the fonts, layout, and other design elements are identical to what you see on a print-out of the ad file from your own printer or on a hard copy proof you have received from your designer.
    4. A design charge may apply to your ad if we need to make corrections after receipt from you or your designer.

  5. Design Services

    While we think it is best for any regular advertiser to have a working relationship with a local designer whose work they know and like, UU World can assist with the following referrals to designers whose work we know and trust. Each of the designers listed below is familiar with the particular technical design specs for UU World. Please contact them directly to discuss your individual needs and their applicable fees.

    • Joshua Designs
      Joshua De Gregorio
      Boston, MA
      Cell: (718) 308-7104

    • Bruce Jones Design
      Bruce Jones
      661 Washington Street
      Norwood MA 02062
      Phone: (781) 255-7171
      Fax: (781) 240-7788

    • Dennis Paiva
      Phone: (978) 658-6000, Ext. 1724
      Mr. Paiva is the former art director for UU World. He is currently limiting his acceptance of work to larger sized, more complex, 4-color design work.

Below is our contact information. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions. We look forward to hearing from you!

For rates or other information, contact:

Joshua Craft, Advertising Assistant, or
Scott Ullrich, Business Manager:

Advertising Department
UU World Magazine
25 Beacon Street
Boston, Massachusetts 02108
phone (617) 948-6502
fax (617) 742-7025

Display Ad Reservation Form in pdf format
Classified Ad Reservation Form in pdf format
Display Ad Specifications in pdf format
Acrobat Reader