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Painting: Weight

By Emily Eveleth 3.1.15 SPIRIT

Zentangle chalices, doodling, and meditation
Meditative doodling as a Unitarian Universalist spiritual practice.
By Cynthia Landrum 9.22.14 SPIRIT

A kind of mirror
I never considered myself a visual artist, but then, I never expected to have cancer.
By Jonah Eller-Isaacs 8.11.14 SPIRIT

Painting: Hal's apple
A 'magickal being' from the artist's Incognito Witch project.
By Mollie Kellogg 6.6.14 SPIRIT

An origins story in glass
Laurie Bieze's stained glass windows tell an evolutionary creation story.
By Tim Hirsch 12.30.13 SPIRIT

Painting: EJ
'Coming out is kind of like being reborn.'
By Kate Gridley 11.4.13 SPIRIT

Painting: Meg
Raised Unitarian Universalist, I have 'no problem with things that feel religious.'
By Kate Gridley 11.4.13 SPIRIT

Exhibition: Passing through
Paintings part of an exhibition to honor the experiences and voices of young people.
By Kate Gridley 11.4.13 SPIRIT

Sculptures: A congregation in clay
Members of a Massachusetts congregation made self-portraits in clay.
By Janet C. Bush and Bob Rundquist 9.30.13 SPIRIT

The power of visual design for UU evangelism
In our multimedia society, an image's worth is probably closer to a million words.
By Jessica Ferguson 9.2.13 SPIRIT

Image: Adventure of discovery
Being part of a Unitarian Universalist community means being on an adventure of discovery.
By Jessica Ferguson 8.15.13 SPIRIT

Spiritual landmark: Unitarian Universalist Church of Tarpon Springs
Florida church home to largest collection of paintings by George Inness Jr.
By Allison Bennett 8.5.13 SPIRIT

Drawing: Pigs
Drawing from a 'weird and highly focused comfort zone.'
By Kaaren Anderson 7.22.13 SPIRIT

Installation: Valley UU Congregation, Chandler, Arizona
Wooden panels created by and for the congregation.
By Janice Pittsley 5.15.13 SPIRIT

Glass sculpture: We are each other's keepers
Symbols of infinity and the interconnected life force.
By Susan Gott and Sonja L. Cohen 2.15.13 SPIRIT

Painting: Walking stick memories
The emergence of character over time.
By Claire B. Clements 2.15.13 SPIRIT

Painting: Night dance
Rough, improvisational, many-layered.
By Janet Madill 11.1.12 SPIRIT

Spiritual landmark: Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Whidbey Island
Artist-members grace Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Whidbey Island.
By Allison Bennett 11.1.12 SPIRIT

Quilt: O Life that maketh all things new
A minister's sabbatical quilting project.
By Jory Agate 8.15.12 SPIRIT

Textile: My heart bleeds for you III
Today's refuse, sewn together as 'a Garden of Eden.'
By Merill Comeau 8.15.12 SPIRIT

Seeing what is real
A photographer describes his spiritual practice of "looking for the pattern of things."
By John Benford 5.15.12 SPIRIT

Stained glass: Nautilus
'Paradoxically simple in its beauty and complex in its engineering.'
By Nancy Norton 5.7.12 SPIRIT

Mixed media: Woods sentinel
Interpreting the visual treasures that surround us.
By Audrey Kay Dowling 4.16.12 SPIRIT

Painting: 57th and Broadway at 5:00 pm
The challenge of not relying on recognizable subject matter.
By Marion Jones 2.27.12 SPIRIT

Painting: Snowy bank
A rare storm offers a new scene.
By Robert Clements 1.9.12 SPIRIT

Mixed media: Unity
Celebrating natural, wild forms.
By Claire B. Clements and Julia Angley 9.26.11 SPIRIT

Sculpture: A reliquary of wood
Honoring the native hardwoods of Arkansas.
By Doug Stowe and Julia Angley 8.29.11 SPIRIT

Sculpture: Unitarian windows
A collaboration yields a classical form.
By Marlon Davidson and Don Knudson and Kenneth Sutton 7.25.11 SPIRIT

Sculpture: 88 notes
A piano is transformed.
By Moria Landa Brown and Kenneth Sutton 7.4.11 SPIRIT

Spiritual landmark, Summer 2011
The focal point of the Unitarian Universalist Society of Syracuse, N.Y., is a window depicting the world's religions.
By Michelle Bates Deakin 5.15.11 SPIRIT

Painting: Quarry
Brilliant colors and the 'crazy parts of our lives.'
By Micheal Cross Trinity 2.15.11 SPIRIT

Painting: Totems
'All have come from a star nursery.'
By Lynette Blake 11.1.10 SPIRIT

Quilt: Into the mystery
A dead child's clothing transformed into a quilt.
By MountainWoman Silver 11.1.10 SPIRIT

Painting: Dew drops
The artist invited poets to respond to her work.
By Amy Kindred and Kenneth Sutton 9.1.10 SPIRIT

Photograph Visual music
Capturing the music of the slot canyons of the Southwest.
By Beth Kingsley Hawkins and Kenneth Sutton 9.1.10 SPIRIT

Textile: Pulpit hanging
Symbols of the world's religions.
By Judy Dembsey 5.15.10 SPIRIT

Sculpture: In Between
Can there be such a thing as 'Unitarian art'?
By Geoffrey Koetsch 5.15.10 SPIRIT

Creations: Ostrich egg chalices
'Precious and delicate.'
By Linda Erzinger 2.15.10 SPIRIT

Creations: Chalice cable hand warmers
Knitter's work reminded her of the flaming chalice.
By Alison Green Will 2.15.10 SPIRIT

Creations: 'Journey of the heart' stole
The chalice and the labyrinth.
By Joyce Carey 2.15.10 SPIRIT

Creations: Pendant
Artist learned to make her own chalice pendant.
By Dara Schumaier 2.15.10 SPIRIT

Painting: My goddess, my love
From the stage to the canvas.
By Mollie Kellogg 1.4.10 SPIRIT

Photographic tour of Wright's Unity Temple
New book celebrates Frank Lloyd Wright's masterpiece for an Illinois Unitarian Universalist congregation.
By Christopher L. Walton 1.4.10 SPIRIT

Painting: Blue tree
Painting brings balance into my life.
By Mary Ellen Mogee 11.1.09 SPIRIT

Painting: Chestnut fences
A connection to the 'stream of life.'
By Patricia Robin Woodruff 11.1.09 SPIRIT

The liberal saints
Andrene Kauffman’s murals in Chicago’s Third Unitarian Church honor heroes of the liberal spirit.
By Donald E. Skinner 8.3.09 SPIRIT

Painting: Blue agave
Abstractions in nature.
By Laura Janes 5.15.09 SPIRIT

Painting: Low hanging fruit
Painting is where I struggle to see the world as it is.
By Angie Reed Garner 2.15.09 SPIRIT

Print: Dawn on the Stono
Any ambiguity is deliberate.
By Jim Innes 11.1.08 SPIRIT

Painting: Carnival in Trinidad
Inner journeys.
By Marjean Willett 8.18.08 SPIRIT

Painting: Song Sparrows in the Hosta Forest
Familiar growing, living things.
By Claire B. Clements 8.18.08 SPIRIT

Photographs: Hospice
Photographs of the final days of a man's life.
By Kenneth Sutton and Damon Brandt 5.15.08 SPIRIT

Quilt: Dominion
The aquarium is submerged, its captives free.
By Joyce Carey 5.15.08 SPIRIT

Painting: Perspective of the self
'A purposeful focus on what is most vital.'
By Steve Perrault 2.15.08 SPIRIT

Photograph: Chairs at Bodie
Capturing a human absence.
By Amy Cooper 11.1.07 SPIRIT

Painting: My Ostraka: History I
Reinterpretations of Athena.
By Cynthia Kukla 11.1.07 SPIRIT

Painting: The collector
Personal iconography.
By Beth Sobel 8.18.07 SPIRIT

Painting: Sacred words imperfect #4
Distorted, hidden, but sacred.
By Tupper Malone 8.18.07 SPIRIT

Collage: InterdepenDance
Found objects, discovered meanings.
By Brandy Bergenstock 6.18.07 SPIRIT

Montage: Ascending
Montage of earthy spirituality.
By Edith Royce Schade 5.15.07 SPIRIT

Great art and the gods
Five-year-olds in a fine art museum.
By Elaine Greensmith Jordan 3.12.07 SPIRIT

Quilt: Great Blue rising
A heron at sunrise.
By Barbara Lydecker Crane 2.15.07 SPIRIT

Painting: Don't fence me in
Narrative symbolism on large, colorful canvases.
By Joyce Garner 2.15.07 SPIRIT

Painting: Stargazing
A painting is transformed in the process.
By Elizabeth A. Dion and Kenneth Sutton 11.1.06 SPIRIT

Painting: Dancing Joy
The artist seeks to "breathe out peaceful uplifting imagery."
By Patricia C. Coleman and Staff Writer 11.1.06 SPIRIT

Painting: Millennial Hope
"The hope for harmony with our diversity."
By Elizabeth A. Dion and Kenneth Sutton 11.1.06 SPIRIT

Painting: Revelation
Truth revealed through human experience.
By Amy Kindred and Kenneth Sutton 9.25.06 SPIRIT

Sculpture: Tower of peace
A sculptor responds to 9/11.
By Naoma Powell and Kenneth Sutton 8.15.06 SPIRIT

Photograph: Dreamer 1
Nineteenth-century technique gives photo dreamlike quality.
By Elaine Croce-Happnie and Kenneth Sutton 7.17.06 SPIRIT

Phoenix sculpture marks congregation's renewal
How an Atlanta congregation rebuilt itself.
By Jane Greer 7.10.06 SPIRIT

Sculpture: In praise of lesser gods
Inspired by humanity.
By Don Cheek and Tom Stites 5.29.06 SPIRIT

Six UU groups make quilts for interfaith exhibit
Boston show brings diverse traditions together.
By Jane Greer 3.31.06 SPIRIT

Sculpture to remember
Symbolic richness in mixed media.
By Constance Demuth Berg and Sonja L. Cohen 2.15.06 SPIRIT

Nature reliquaries
Artist's assemblages honor nature.
By Shaw Stuart and Kenneth Sutton 2.15.06 SPIRIT

Thomas A Baillieul's paintings
Thomas A. Baillieul's paintings tempt viewers to tell a story.
By Sonja L. Cohen 12.26.05 SPIRIT

Painting by Martyl Langsdorf

By Martyl Langsdorf 11.1.05 SPIRIT

Into the Light
An artist reflects on the view from an abandoned cellar.
By Kenneth Sutton 8.15.05 SPIRIT

Ganges dawn
India's Ganges River at first light.
By Staff Writer 8.15.05 SPIRIT

Tombaugh memorial window
The Unitarian Universalist Church of Las Cruces honors a founding member's scientific achievements.
By Sonja L. Cohen 8.15.05 SPIRIT

El sueño final (The final dream)
Laurel Garcia Colvin creates dreamlike images using underwater photography.
By Laurel Garcia Colvin and Kenneth Sutton 7.18.05 SPIRIT

Photograph: Dawn in Venice
Wake up early to see things in a different light.
By Sonja L. Cohen SPIRIT

Painting: The gate of heaven
A stairway was upon the earth and its top reached the sky.
By Daniel Nevins SPIRIT

Painting: Lot A, Mills Heights
Everything we do leaves a mark.
By Ellen Wixted SPIRIT

Painting: West Arlington bridge
A Vermont bridge, painted by this magazine's longtime art director.
By Robert Delboy SPIRIT

Painting: Angel trumpets ablaze
Painting is a meditative state.
By Lola Juris SPIRIT

Image: Passover
'That we might, at last, glimpse the stars, brilliant in the desert sky.'
By Mandie McGlynn SPIRIT

Etching: Winter Falls
The essence that sparks my sense of wonder.
By Gabriel Jules SPIRIT

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