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Poem: Sustenance, body of Earth
I behold this scrap of bread.
By Carol Bindel 8.15.14 SPIRIT

Poem: Small bites
No longer greedy / at this magnificent feast.
By Aytac Aydogan Edwards 8.15.14 SPIRIT

Preparing for a hike
Imagine your way through the good route / and also the other route.
By John Mercer 7.21.14 SPIRIT

As I ebb toward the end of life
Hear / the ocean's roar and backdrop din / in the death-hollowed shells.
By Everett Hoagland 2.24.14 SPIRIT

Is religion broken?
There’s a movement that attracts millions of people and encourages them to become their best selves—but it’s not a church.
By Doug Muder 9.23.13 SPIRIT

Poem Proportions
A mélange of garbage / and triumphant blooms.
By Peg Duthie 8.19.13 SPIRIT

Meditation: Calling, part two
Being in the world who I was created to be.
By Nancy Shaffer 7.1.13 SPIRIT

Poem: Everyday poem
The more I have to lose, all these ordinary joys.
By Roxanne Halpine Ward 2.15.13 SPIRIT

Poem: Joy
I want to believe it is something more.
By Terri Pahucki 2.15.13 SPIRIT

Poem: Continuum
I'll return to that time and space that was my home.
By Ruth McKendree Treen 11.19.12 SPIRIT

The stars are dancing
Do not sit alone in the dark.
By Om Prakash 9.10.12 SPIRIT

Poem: April wind
Unburden yourself.
By Kendra Ford 4.23.12 SPIRIT

Two poems
I watch the trees / as seasons cycle.
By Aytac Aydogan Edwards 1.23.12 SPIRIT

Poem: The day after
The tree alone directing us / To peaceful paths / With its symbolic star.
By Ralph Blanchard 12.26.11 SPIRIT

Poem: Getting through another loss
This time, I need the words of a prayer.
By Gina Sangster 5.30.11 SPIRIT

Poem Attitude adjustment
Multiculturalism? Well and good. But don't stop there!
By Everett Hoagland 4.11.11 SPIRIT

Two prose poems
I have my way of praying, as you no doubt have yours.
By Mary Oliver 1.10.11 SPIRIT

Poem: Words
They tumble forth.
By Emily Kennedy 9.1.10 SPIRIT

Poem about light
You can try to strangle light.
By Kathleen Sheeder Bonanno 11.30.09 SPIRIT

Death barged in
He has been here ever since.
By Kathleen Sheeder Bonanno 8.24.09 SPIRIT

Totem games
Guess who I am.
By Yvonne Seon 3.23.09 SPIRIT

Poem: Rain on water
The sky echoes the underwater world.
By Freya Manfred 8.18.08 SPIRIT

Poem: Bad news in the ER
'Your son was at a concert when he collapsed.'
By Emily Ferrara 8.18.08 SPIRIT

Four haiku
Natural moments in seventeen syllables.
By Tom Stites 10.29.07 SPIRIT

Poem for an inked daughter
A mother reaches across the generations.
By Jean Wyrick 10.16.06 SPIRIT

Poem: Those days
Summer memories.
By Mary Oliver 6.26.06 SPIRIT

Poem: Kingfisher
Feeding the birds.
By Lee Robinson 5.8.06 SPIRIT

A ritual is born
Once, twice, ritual!
By Karen Lee Shelley 4.10.06 SPIRIT

Poem: Flowering
Grow a life here.
By Linda Buckmaster 3.20.06 SPIRIT

That was I
A poem from U.S. poet laureate Ted Kooser's Pulitzer prize-winning book.
By Ted Kooser 12.5.05 SPIRIT

Opening words, May-June 2005

By John Andrew Storey 5.1.05 SPIRIT

Homecoming: A sequence of poems
Poems about Africa.
By Everett Hoagland 9.1.04 SPIRIT

Interview with Everett Hoagland
UU poet influenced by Langston Hughes, Amiri Baraka.
By Christopher L. Walton 9.1.04 SPIRIT

Passover: A meditation
The terrible blessing of the journey.
By Lynn Ungar 3.1.02 SPIRIT

Just cause
A line is crossed.
By George Witte SPIRIT

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