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Less more, please
Solutions to the world’s environmental problems may not require more of us, but less.
By Jeffrey A. Lockwood 2.9.15 SPIRIT

I faced my fears and they faced me. It wasn't that big a deal.
By Meg Barnhouse 1.12.15 SPIRIT

Preparing for a hike
Imagine your way through the good route / and also the other route.
By John Mercer 7.21.14 SPIRIT

How to know God
An atheist mystic meets the goddess of love.
By James Ishmael Ford 4.21.14 SPIRIT

As I ebb toward the end of life
Hear / the ocean's roar and backdrop din / in the death-hollowed shells.
By Everett Hoagland 2.24.14 SPIRIT

Resources for exploring your animal contradictions
An annotated guide to books and other resources.
By Kimberly French 9.9.13 SPIRIT

Our animal contradictions
How Unitarian Universalism can help us sort out our place in the animal world.
By Kimberly French 9.9.13 SPIRIT

Grief and celebration are interwoven in this world, like winter and spring.
By Gary Kowalski 3.18.13 SPIRIT

Pet ministry: Caring for all creatures
UUs are providing comfort for ill or dying pets and their caregivers.
By Kimberly French 1.14.13 SPIRIT

Primal reverence
Reverence is an organic human experience that requires no supernatural explanations.
By Kendyl Gibbons 7.23.12 SPIRIT

Loving birds
Modern life interferes with the lessons and warnings of Nature.
By Mike Foster 11.7.11 SPIRIT

Great trees of life
We need old people to be our trees.
By W. Frederick Wooden 3.14.11 SPIRIT

Natural rapture
Only when we strip away magical thinking can we see the sacred in everything.
By Kimberly French 1.17.11 SPIRIT

Two prose poems
I have my way of praying, as you no doubt have yours.
By Mary Oliver 1.10.11 SPIRIT

The dark llama
Standing in the shadow of the nebulae.
By Robert Walsh 10.25.10 SPIRIT

The Honey Springs congregation confronts its ant problem
Conflict resolution in a congregation not unlike yours.
By Meg Barnhouse 9.6.10 SPIRIT

We are already in paradise
There is no land promised to any of us other than the land already given.
By Rebecca Ann Parker 6.28.10 SPIRIT

Imagination and the wild
Crane your neck. Worm your way. Wolf it down.
By Ellen Meloy 10.27.08 SPIRIT

It's about time, Persephone!
Ancient myths dramatize the shift from winter to spring.
By Patricia Montley 3.24.08 SPIRIT

From fear to eternity
Learning to walk backward down a cliff.
By Lyla D. Hamilton 2.26.07 SPIRIT

Of hummingbirds and immigrants
'Hummingbirds migrate north and south just like we do.'
By Enrique Gomez 5.29.06 SPIRIT

The wonder of evolution
Science and religion stand together.
By Amy Hassinger 2.20.06 SPIRIT

Nature reliquaries
Artist's assemblages honor nature.
By Shaw Stuart and Kenneth Sutton 2.15.06 SPIRIT

Many religions, but only one earth
Can reverence for the earth bring us together across religious differences?
By Patricia Montley 2.6.06 SPIRIT

Learning to see more than meets the eye
Look for the divine in the world as it is.
By Harold Babcock 1.9.06 SPIRIT

Dawn meditation for the fall equinox
Fall equinox sunrise meditation.
By Anne Peek 9.21.05 SPIRIT

Meditations on our cosmic significance
Who hasn't felt tiny and insignificant?
By Julie Parker Amery 8.15.05 SPIRIT

Opening words, May-June 2005

By John Andrew Storey 5.1.05 SPIRIT

Bubbles of Earth
'Dust thou art,' joyfully recast
By Flora Thompson 5.1.05 SPIRIT

We are all part of God
God is a reality that includes all of us but is bigger than any one of us.
By Gary Kowalski 7.1.03 SPIRIT

Nature's tough love
How the prairie challenges the ego.
By Jeffrey A. Lockwood 7.1.02 SPIRIT

Good for nothing
In the study of grasshoppers, an entomologist discovers the value of simply 'being.'
By Jeffrey A. Lockwood 5.1.01 SPIRIT

Winter mind
Emptiness, like silence, like love, is indeed a gift.
By Philip Simmons 1.1.01 SPIRIT

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