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Peace, love, and unity

A Unitarian Universalist prayer from Kenya.
By Alice Kenunto Magara
Summer 2009 5.15.09

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O God and Lord, our creator, both here in Kenya and throughout the world, we pray this day to maintain love, peace, and unity.

Enable us, Lord, to visit families, friends, and the sick in their beds and hospitals. We delight in sharing to maintain love, peace, and unity.

Our foes and those who cause us to stumble, Lord, help us to forget and to bury the hatchet. Lord, make us a spring of peace, love, and unity.

Shift our minds, O Lord, from external to internal wealth. Make us focus on the inner truth, and prosper in it. Use our hands, Lord, in multiplying our talents. We strive to maintain peace, love, and unity. Amen.

Adapted from a chalice lighting by Alice Kenunto Magara, a Unitarian Universalist leader in Sengera, Kenya, published as part of the International Council of Unitarians and Universalists’ Global Chalice Lighting Project in September 2007.

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