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Twin Cities UUs focus on Black Lives Matter
Hundreds of Unitarian Universalists take part in Mall of America protests.
By Elaine McArdle 2.23.15 NEWS

Yellow shirts for climate action
More than 1,500 Unitarian Universalists took part in the People's Climate March.
By Sonja L. Cohen 9.29.14 NEWS

Missouri UUs hold vigils, collect food for Ferguson
UUA president decries 'profoundly unsettling' images of police action after killing of Michael Brown.
By Elaine McArdle 8.25.14 NEWS

In the media, Fall 2014
Highlights from 'Unitarian Universalists in the Media,' our weekly guide.
By Staff Writer 8.15.14 NEWS

Marriage equality gains momentum
UUs in Rhode Island, Delaware, and Minnesota celebrate equal marriage rights in rapid succession.
By Donald E. Skinner 5.20.13 NEWS

Bay Area clergy arrested at Occupy Oakland
Unitarian Universalist ministers participated in interfaith vigil as police in riot gear slashed tents.
By Michelle Bates Deakin 11.21.11 NEWS

ESPN film examines curses and scapegoats
Unitarian Universalist minister lends religious perspective to questions of fan behavior.
By Michelle Bates Deakin 9.26.11 NEWS

Equal marriage comes to New York
Unitarian Universalists also cheer civil unions in Ill., R.I.
By Donald E. Skinner 8.15.11 NEWS

UUs join March on Blair Mountain
At site of historic coal miner uprising, activists raise awareness about consequences of mountaintop removal mining.
By Donald E. Skinner 6.20.11 NEWS

Civil unions become law in Illinois
While short of marriage, civil unions allow same-sex couples health insurance, pensions, and other benefits.
By Donald E. Skinner 6.13.11 NEWS

Disappointment for Maryland UUs battling for equal marriage rights
Fearing defeat in the House, supporters decide to wait until next year.
By Donald E. Skinner 3.14.11 NEWS

Tour educates Calif. UUs about water justice issues
Young adults learn social justice leadership skills.
By Donald E. Skinner 9.13.10 NEWS

Sales of new UU Spanish hymnal halted
‘Serious errors’ found in new publication.
By Jane Greer 8.24.09 NEWS

'Army Wives' features UU child dedication ceremony
TV episodes set in Charleston, S.C., Unitarian church.
By Michelle Bates Deakin 8.10.09 NEWS

Non-UU youth learn about sex through UU program
D.C. community youth groups adopt UUA's lifespan sexual education curricula.
By Donald E. Skinner 7.20.09 NEWS

Beacon Press to reissue Martin Luther King Jr.'s books
Exclusive partnership with King's estate will bring civil rights leader's writings to a contemporary audience.
By Christopher L. Walton 6.1.09 NEWS

Local TV show sheds light on mental illness
UU minister conducts mental health ministry via public access TV.
By Jane Greer 3.10.08 NEWS

Unitarian Universalist heads Islamic investing group
Blake Goud promotes 'halal' investing through Portland foundation.
By Michelle Bates Deakin 6.15.07 NEWS

Unitarian Universalist spiritual directors form network
Network can help religious liberals find a spiritual director.
By Michelle Bates Deakin 5.11.07 NEWS

Pentacle accepted for use on V.A. tombstones
Ten-year battle ends with Wiccan victory.
By Donald E. Skinner 4.27.07 NEWS

Churches respond to global AIDS crisis
Unitarian Universalist congregations raise funds, lobby for international AIDS relief.
By Jane Greer 12.8.06 NEWS

V.A. resists use of pentacle on tombstones
New lawsuit demands equality for Wiccan and Pagan veterans.
By Donald E. Skinner 12.1.06 NEWS

Unitarian statue loses spot in U.S. Capitol
Thomas Starr King statue to be replaced by one of Ronald Reagan.
By Donald E. Skinner 9.15.06 NEWS

Unitarian Universalist tsunami donations exceed $1.5 million
UUA-UUSC joint effort
By Staff Writer 5.1.05 NEWS

Podcasting helps spread UU message

By Staff Writer 5.1.05 NEWS

Sex ed comes under fire in Washington
The U.S. has one of the highest rates of sexually transmitted infections among teens.
By Staff Writer 5.1.05 NEWS

A Greener General Assembly
General Assembly showing a more eco-friendly face.
By Donald E. Skinner 5.1.05 NEWS

Civil liberties reexamined in 2005 Congress
UUA Washington Office for Advocacy update.
By Rob Keithan 1.1.05 NEWS

10 ways to make your religious education program boy-friendly

By Staff Writer 1.1.03 NEWS

What's distinctive about UU relationships?
Unitarian Universalist principles for healty relationships.
By Neil Chethik and Kelly Flood 3.1.99 NEWS

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