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In Selma, 'we are your partners forever'
More than 500 Unitarian Universalists join 50th anniversary march in Selma.
By Christopher L. Walton and Elaine McArdle 3.6.15 NEWS

N.H. woman sues to breastfeed at work
Unitarian Universalist sues former employer, helps draft law requiring private space to breastfeed children.
By Elaine McArdle 2.2.15 NEWS

Judge halts Sheriff Arpaio's workplace raids
Unitarian Universalist minister, a plaintiff in class-action suit, elated by victory in immigrant rights case.
By Elaine McArdle 1.12.15 NEWS

Sale of mineral rights brings $944K to UUA
Lois and Ken Carpenter's gift of mineral rights, once thought worthless, is windfall to UUA.
By Elaine McArdle 10.27.14 NEWS

Updates from the People's Climate Train to New York City
Updates throughout the week from the People's Climate Train en route to New York City.
By Elaine McArdle 9.16.14 NEWS

Susan Frederick-Gray v. Joe Arpaio
The Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray joins federal class-action lawsuit against Maricopa County Sheriff Joseph Arpaio.
By Elaine McArdle 9.15.14 NEWS

Iowa UUs win victories in decriminalizing HIV status
Unitarian Universalists lead efforts to decriminalize HIV status in Iowa.
By Elaine McArdle 8.18.14 NEWS

31 UUs arrested at immigration protest at White House
Unitarian Universalists made up largest contingent in interfaith action July 31.
By Elaine McArdle 8.11.14 NEWS

Social justice push marks minister’s retirement
More than 100 hours volunteered in honor of the Rev. Bill Breeden
By Donald E. Skinner 8.4.14 NEWS

Sister Simone Campbell to UUs: walk towards trouble

By Sonja L. Cohen 6.29.14 NEWS

Military chaplain offers tools for UU ruck sack

By Sonja L. Cohen 6.28.14 NEWS

UUs rappel down convention center at GA

By Elaine McArdle 6.27.14 NEWS

In Arkansas, UU minister marries 12 gay couples
The Rev. Jennie Barrington performs some of the first legal same-sex marriages in the Deep South.
By Elaine McArdle 5.19.14 NEWS

Banning gay marriage infringes religious freedom, UUs argue
Unitarian Universalists join historic suit against North Carolina law.
By Elaine McArdle 5.12.14 NEWS

UUA's Boston guesthouse will close June 30
After Eliot and Pickett guesthouse closes, Club Quarters Hotel will house UUA volunteers.
By Donald E. Skinner 4.28.14 NEWS

Starr King names Rosemary Bray McNatt its next president
The Rev. Rosemary Bray McNatt to follow the Rev. Dr. Rebecca Parker as president of Starr King School for the Ministry.
By Donald E. Skinner 4.14.14 NEWS

For young leader, General Assembly is a spiritual practice
Planning Committee chair Bart Frost says GA 'shows how big our small faith is.'
By Christian Schmidt 3.10.14 NEWS

UU minister says historic 'I do' in Hawaii
Eight minutes after same-sex marriage became legal, minister and fiancé wed at First Unitarian Church of Honolulu.
By Michelle Bates Deakin 12.9.13 NEWS

Once a Universalist college, Tufts welcomes UU chaplain
After five years as Oberlin chaplain, the Rev. Greg McGonigle settles into Tufts campus.
By Michelle Bates Deakin 11.18.13 NEWS

History buff creates videos of denomination's 'Long Strange Trip'
Six-DVD series traces roots of Unitarian Universalism from 1st century to present times.
By Donald E. Skinner 10.21.13 NEWS

Restaurant gives women from prison a new start
Unitarian Universalist minister’s work with imprisoned women grows into job program.
By Michelle Bates Deakin 9.30.13 NEWS

UU scientist battles arsenic-poisoned water in Bangladesh
Vermont chemist Seth Frisbie calls tainted wells the “largest human poisoning in history.”
By Donald E. Skinner 8.5.13 NEWS

Hoover, King lauded for decades of UUA service
Fighting for racial equality spurred both men’s work.
By Michelle Bates Deakin 7.8.13 NEWS

Jim Key wins moderator election in close contest
40 votes separated Key from Tamara Payne-Alex.
By Michelle Bates Deakin 6.24.13 NEWS

Courter urges assembly to set the UUA's vision

By Michelle Bates Deakin 6.23.13 NEWS

Ministry fund created in Courter's honor

By Donald E. Skinner 6.23.13 NEWS

Key wins moderator election by 40 votes

By Michelle Bates Deakin 6.22.13 NEWS

Charlie King receives President's Award for Volunteer Service

By Michelle Bates Deakin 6.22.13 NEWS

Rev. Mel Hoover receives Distinguished Service Award

By Michelle Bates Deakin 6.22.13 NEWS

Eboo Patel urges interfaith involvement

By Donald E. Skinner 6.21.13 NEWS

UUMA gives honorary membership to Kay Montgomery

By Michelle Bates Deakin 6.20.13 NEWS

One lawyer's religious brief for marriage equality
Eric Isaacson has donated over 1,700 hours making the case for same-sex marriage, and judges have listened.
By Elaine McArdle 6.3.13 NEWS

'Two Who Dared' puts UUSC founders' heroism on film
Documentary depicts little-known story of Martha and Waitstill Sharp’s efforts to save Jews and dissidents during WWII.
By Michelle Bates Deakin 4.1.13 NEWS

Legislator tells Wyoming minister to leave the state
Unitarian Universalist minister’s letter on gun control raises ire of state representative who says, ‘by all means, leave.’
By Michelle Bates Deakin 3.18.13 NEWS

New urgency spurs advocate for gun control
Pennsylvania UU continues decade-long quest to prevent gun violence.
By Elaine McArdle 2.25.13 NEWS

In Afghanistan, UUs light chalice in new congregation
The Kandahar Crossing UU Fellowship is a peaceful refuge in a war zone.
By Donald E. Skinner 2.18.13 NEWS

Kay Montgomery announces retirement from UUA
After 30 years of service, executive vice president will step down in June.
By Michelle Bates Deakin 2.13.13 NEWS

Minister earns award from city he lobbied for change
Holland, Mich., grants Social Justice Award to the Rev. Bill Freeman in same room he led protest for LGBT rights.
By Donald E. Skinner 1.14.13 NEWS

Urban gardener hopes to turn foreclosures into farms
Milwaukee UU believes creating a 'harvestable city' will improve quality of life.
By Nicole Sweeney Etter 11.19.12 NEWS

UU marine ecologist wins 'genius grant'
MacArthur Foundation recognizes Nancy Rabalais for work in Gulf Coast dead zones.
By Michelle Bates Deakin 10.15.12 NEWS

Harvest of Hope aids ‘invisible’ migrants
Florida-based foundation has donated more than $1M in direct aid to migrant farmworkers.
By Donald E. Skinner 10.1.12 NEWS

'Sinister Minister' pens UU-themed mystery series
The Rev. Dr. Judith Campbell publishing fourth Olympia Brown mystery in October.
By Michelle Bates Deakin 9.24.12 NEWS

Starr King names professor of UU history
The Rev. Dr. Susan Ritchie brings 'fresh eye' to understanding UU roots.
By Elaine McArdle 8.27.12 NEWS

Meet a trustee: Pat Manley
Leadership training sharpened a congregational president’s skills.
By Michelle Bates Deakin 8.20.12 NEWS

UURISE gives radical hospitality to immigrants
Nonprofit group provides immigrant advocacy and education with a UU voice.
By Michelle Bates Deakin 8.13.12 NEWS

UUA, UUSC collaborate on social justice 'college'
Group will offer international service trips and social justice education.
By Donald E. Skinner 7.23.12 NEWS

Chalice maker, 92, lights his own chalice at GA
UU Mordecai Roth turned to chalice making after retiring from dentistry.
By Donald E. Skinner 7.16.12 NEWS

Video: How 'Standing on the Side of Love' was born

By Peter Bowden 6.26.12 NEWS

Vice presidents: How to take Justice GA home

By Sonja L. Cohen 6.24.12 NEWS

Saunders receives President’s Volunteer Service Award

By Sonja L. Cohen 6.24.12 NEWS

Meet a Trustee: David Jackoway
Heartland trustee seeks to connect UUs through technology and theology.
By Donald E. Skinner 6.18.12 NEWS

Meet a Trustee: Natalia Averett
Young adult trustee completes year as congregation president and UUA board member.
By Michelle Bates Deakin 6.18.12 NEWS

Photography exhibit focuses on lesbian life in Deep South
Photographs at Birmingham, Ala., civil rights museum include four UU families in show about inclusion and equality.
By Donald E. Skinner 5.14.12 NEWS

Dallas church raises $20K for wells in South Sudan
“Lost Boy” inspires congregation to give up drinks during Lent to provide water for villages.
By Donald E. Skinner 5.7.12 NEWS

Academia, ministry intersect in UU history post
Meadville Lombard appoints the Rev. Dr. Nicole Kirk to endowed chair of UU history.
By Elaine McArdle 4.23.12 NEWS

Moderator candidate: Jim Key
District leader describes himself as ‘evangelical UU.’
By Michelle Bates Deakin 4.16.12 NEWS

Moderator candidate: Tamara Payne-Alex
Lifelong UU strives to be ‘accessible’ moderator.
By Michelle Bates Deakin 4.16.12 NEWS

Meet a Trustee: Erik David Carlson
Carlson is committed to creating better services for youth and young adults.
By Michelle Bates Deakin 4.9.12 NEWS

Environmental activist Tim DeChristopher isolated in prison
Move allegedly follows complaint from U.S. congressman over DeChristopher email.
By Donald E. Skinner 4.2.12 NEWS

Pedaling for hope
Bicycling ministers turn long-distance rides into opportunities to raise funds and awareness for charitable causes.
By Michelle Bates Deakin 3.19.12 NEWS

UU prevails in challenge to prayer at meetings
U.S. Supreme Court lets ruling stand that sectarian prayers violate separation of church and state.
By Donald E. Skinner 1.30.12 NEWS

Bay Area clergy arrested at Occupy Oakland
Unitarian Universalist ministers participated in interfaith vigil as police in riot gear slashed tents.
By Michelle Bates Deakin 11.21.11 NEWS

NASA fellowship named for UU astronomer
Known as “Mother of the Hubble,” Nancy Grace Roman hopes to inspire girls to pursue careers in science.
By Donald E. Skinner 10.17.11 NEWS

Meet a Trustee: Catherine Cullen
Legal training, Buddhism inform the Rev. Catherine Cullen’s work on UUA board.
By Michelle Bates Deakin 10.3.11 NEWS

ESPN film examines curses and scapegoats
Unitarian Universalist minister lends religious perspective to questions of fan behavior.
By Michelle Bates Deakin 9.26.11 NEWS

Meet a trustee: Clyde Grubbs
The Rev. Clyde Grubbs brings history of activism, ministry to UUA Board of Trustees.
By Michelle Bates Deakin 8.29.11 NEWS

Iowa UU named rural 'Champion of Change'
White House honors Linda Barnes, who spreads the word about the importance of food diversity.
By Donald E. Skinner 8.15.11 NEWS

UUA president convicted in civil disobedience case
The Rev. Peter Morales guilty of misdemeanor in Ariz. protest of SB 1070.
By Michelle Bates Deakin 8.8.11 NEWS

Arizona minister guilty in SB 1070 protest case
Frederick-Gray convicted of misdemeanor for actions protesting anti-illegal immigration law.
By Michelle Bates Deakin 8.5.11 NEWS

DeChristopher receives two-year prison sentence
UU climate-change activist tells court: ‘I will continue this fight.’
By Donald E. Skinner 8.1.11 NEWS

Georgia minister joins hunger strike
To protest immigration law, Unitarian Universalist minister Jeff Jones launches weeklong fast.
By Michelle Bates Deakin 7.25.11 NEWS

Peace Corps sparks life of social justice
President of UU-UNO bridges life in Nigeria and U.S.
By Elaine McArdle 5.30.11 NEWS

Anderson honored with clergy award
Planned Parenthood honors Rochester, N.Y., minister for reproductive rights advocacy.
By Michelle Bates Deakin 5.15.11 NEWS

UU professor target of GOP probe after questioning conservative bill
William Cronon at center of storm over academic freedom in Wisconsin.
By Donald E. Skinner 4.18.11 NEWS

UU legislator leads marriage equality fight in Maryland
Rich Madaleno is ‘an inspiration and mentor’ in advocacy for LGBT rights.
By Donald E. Skinner 3.28.11 NEWS

FBI reopens investigation into murder of James Reeb
Forty-six years after death of Unitarian Universalist minister in Selma, investigators seek new evidence in unsolved case.
By Jerry Mitchell and John Fleming 3.21.11 NEWS

Utah UU convicted for environmental activism
Federal jury faults Tim DeChristopher for blocking auction of oil and gases leases.
By Donald E. Skinner 3.7.11 NEWS

Morales visits Unitarians and humanitarian partners in India
UUA President on two-week visit with Holdeen India partners and Unitarians in North East India.
By Jane Greer 2.21.11 NEWS

Cases dismissed for many Phoenix protesters
Court dismisses cases against 17 UUs, finds three others not guilty for SB 1070 protests.
By Donald E. Skinner 1.31.11 NEWS

Dunning celebrates persistence in repeal of DADT
Zoe Dunning, a retired Navy commander and Unitarian Universalist, stood by President Obama’s side as “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” was repealed.
By Jane Greer 1.24.11 NEWS

Phoenix court dates scheduled for many UU arrestees
Most expected to plead 'not guilty' for protesting Arizona anti-illegal immigration law.
By Donald E. Skinner 1.17.11 NEWS

Wyoming UU’s winter charity walk raises $6K
Month-long, 200-mile trek reveals the kindness of strangers
By Michelle Bates Deakin 1.17.11 NEWS

Charges dropped against UU arrested in Phoenix protest
First arrestees found ‘not guilty’; charges dropped against second group
By Donald E. Skinner 12.27.10 NEWS

UUA plans 50th anniversary celebration
Big events scheduled for 2011 General Assembly in Charlotte, N.C.
By Donald E. Skinner 12.27.10 NEWS

New LGBT coordinator will emphasize trans issues
'It's time to give attention to the trans community,' says new UUA program coordinator Delfin Bautista.
By Jane Greer 12.20.10 NEWS

Utah man's actions blocked oil and gas leases
Salt Lake Unitarians support environmentalist Tim DeChristopher.
By Donald E. Skinner 11.22.10 NEWS

William Schulz named new UUSC president
Schulz chosen for his leadership on human rights.
By Jane Greer 11.8.10 NEWS

UUs share their own immigration stories
Immigration problems beset ministers as well as lay people.
By Michelle Bates Deakin 11.8.10 NEWS

Cultivating an abandoned place
The Rev. Ron Robinson's unconventional church in Turley, Okla., focuses on service.
By Donald E. Skinner 10.11.10 NEWS

Morales questions Dalai Lama about science and religion
UUA president part of a discussion with Dalai Lama at IARF Congress in India.
By Jane Greer 9.20.10 NEWS

29 UUs arrested in Phoenix protest
Unitarian Universalists demonstrate against Arizona's SB 1070.
By Donald E. Skinner 8.2.10 NEWS

UU fights ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’
Retired naval commander advocates for law’s repeal.
By Michelle Bates Deakin 7.12.10 NEWS

UU youth’s activism for GLBT rights honored
Danielle Smith meets President Obama at special White House reception
By Michelle Bates Deakin 7.5.10 NEWS

Couple makes backyard camping a lifestyle
Massachusetts pair has been sleeping outdoors for a year.
By Donald E. Skinner 6.14.10 NEWS

UU partner in India wins international peace prize
Ela Bhatt, founder of India’s largest women’s union, awarded 2010 Niwano Peace Prize.
By Michelle Bates Deakin 5.3.10 NEWS

Clements to leave UU Service Committee
UUSC president chosen to head Harvard’s Carr Center for Human Rights Policy
By Michelle Bates Deakin 2.1.10 NEWS

Ups and downs in fight for marriage equality
The Rev. Keith Kron on the fight for marriage equality and other aspects of Unitarian Universalist support for GLBT people.
By Jane Greer 1.4.10 NEWS

UU dads adopt five at-risk children
New documentary focuses on the Rev. Greg Stewart, Stillman Stewart, and their five sons
By Michelle Bates Deakin 12.28.09 NEWS

UU minister nominated for Grammy award
The Rev. Dan Schatz honored for tribute album to UU folksinger Utah Phillips.
By Michelle Bates Deakin 12.14.09 NEWS

Ten-year-old refuses to stand for Pledge of Allegiance
Boy who attends Arkansas UU church protests unequal treatment of GLBT people.
By Donald E. Skinner 11.23.09 NEWS

UUA staff restructuring adds new V.P. position
Limpert named as vice president of Ministries and Congregational Support.
By Jane Greer 9.14.09 NEWS

UU wins Military Chaplain of the Year award
Rev. Rebekah Montgomery also awarded bronze star.
By Michelle Bates Deakin 8.17.09 NEWS

UU secretaries of state stress importance of voting
California and Minnesota secretaries of state to receive Wilton Prize at UUA General Assembly.
By Donald E. Skinner 6.22.09 NEWS

UU convicted of littering while supplying humanitarian aid
Ministry provides water, supplies to migrants crossing Arizona desert
By Jane Greer 6.15.09 NEWS

Unitarian Universalists decry Calif. gay marriage ruling
State Supreme Court 'takes away rights,' says UU minister arrested at protest in San Francisco.
By Donald E. Skinner 6.1.09 NEWS

Sinkford to join UU Urban Ministry staff
UUA president accepts one-year appointment after conclusion of term.
By Jane Greer 3.30.09 NEWS

UU children help struggling families feed pets
North Carolina children raise money to provide pet food for families struggling with recession.
By Donald E. Skinner 2.9.09 NEWS

UU minister challenges S.C. 'I believe' license plates
Judge stops legislature's plans to issue license plates depicting a cross.
By Donald E. Skinner 1.19.09 NEWS

UU leads Arkansas anti-death penalty campaign
Social activist David Rickard bases action on UU First Principle.
By Donald E. Skinner 12.29.08 NEWS

UU minister to lead former Universalist college
The Rev. Dr. William L. Fox elected St. Lawrence University’s eighteenth president.
By Jane Greer 12.22.08 NEWS

New ministry to train congregants in construction skills
TUUL-Belt Ministry to deploy UUs to disaster sites for rebuilding, pastoral care
By Jane Greer 12.8.08 NEWS

Unitarian Universalist elected to U.S. House
Walt Minnick of Idaho joins two fellow UUs in Congress.
By Donald E. Skinner 11.24.08 NEWS

UU candidates hit the campaign trail
Several UUs are running for election or re-election in November.
By Donald E. Skinner 10.13.08 NEWS

Joe Barnhart remembers friend Linda Kraeger
Knoxville church-shooting victims part of a close-knit circle of family and friends.
By Jane Greer 8.18.08 NEWS

Two Unitarian Universalists killed in church shooting
Knoxville shooter may have been motivated by ‘hatred of the liberal movement.’
By Donald E. Skinner 7.28.08 NEWS

California Unitarian Universalists celebrate gay marriages
Unitarian Universalist couples, ministers, congregations celebrate now-legal marriages.
By Donald E. Skinner 6.23.08 NEWS

Dan Brody seeks reelection as UUA financial advisor
Newton, Mass., finance expert seeks second term as UUA officer.
By Jane Greer 6.16.08 NEWS

Mother's Day for peace, as Julia Ward Howe intended
Kansas City Unitarian Universalists promote Mother's Day founder's message of peace.
By Donald E. Skinner 5.19.08 NEWS

Harvard names first Emerson UUA professor
Dan McKanan, historian of religious left, appointed by Harvard Divinity School.
By Michelle Bates Deakin 4.21.08 NEWS

Career diplomat heads UU United Nations Office
Bruce Knotts brings experience, savvy to UN office.
By Jane Greer 3.31.08 NEWS

Laurel Hallman, candidate for UUA president
Minister of First Unitarian Church of Dallas.
By Jane Greer 3.17.08 NEWS

Two UU ministers arrested protesting war
In Washington, Sinkford urges political leaders to seek forgiveness for Iraq war.
By Donald E. Skinner 3.17.08 NEWS

Peter Morales, candidate for UUA president
Minister of Jefferson Unitarian Church in Golden, Colorado.
By Jane Greer 3.17.08 NEWS

'Survivor' seed money grows a fellowship hall
TV show prize inspires California congregation to build.
By Donald E. Skinner 1.25.08 NEWS

UU minister joins Army as a chaplain
The Rev. George Tyger prepares for summer deployment.
By Donald E. Skinner 1.4.08 NEWS

Murders, suicide rock Florida congregation
Five members of Clearwater Unitarian Universalist congregation dead.
By Donald E. Skinner 12.21.07 NEWS

Scholarships aid UU doctoral students
Revitalized program increases scholarship amounts.
By Jane Greer 12.7.07 NEWS

Young adult summer internships combined service, spirituality
14 UU college students took part in Summer of Spirituality and Service.
By Jane Greer 9.7.07 NEWS

UU minister performs Iowa's first same-sex wedding
Gay couple married by Unitarian Universalist minister.
By Jane Greer 9.7.07 NEWS

UU sexologist faces off against Bill O'Reilly
The Rev. Debra Haffner promotes comprehensive sexuality education.
By Michelle Bates Deakin 8.17.07 NEWS

Leon Spencer honored with UUA's highest award
Pioneer in UUA's antiracism and antioppression efforts recognized.
By Michelle Bates Deakin 7.20.07 NEWS

UUA treasurer takes lead in socially responsible investing
Under Tim Brennan's leadership, UUA investments used to effect corporate change.
By Michelle Bates Deakin 6.22.07 NEWS

Unitarian Universalist heads Islamic investing group
Blake Goud promotes 'halal' investing through Portland foundation.
By Michelle Bates Deakin 6.15.07 NEWS

Unitarian Universalist spiritual directors form network
Network can help religious liberals find a spiritual director.
By Michelle Bates Deakin 5.11.07 NEWS

Preparing for military chaplaincy
Two Unitarian Universalist seminarians say many in military receptive to liberal religion.
By Leah Rubin-Cadrain 4.6.07 NEWS

Couple's peace witness inspires congregation
Rochester, N.Y., couple builds peace network in their church.
By Jane Greer 3.23.07 NEWS

Teen raises money for Botswana orphanage
After working at orphanage, Unitarian Universalist Annie Arnzen is eager to give back.
By Jane Greer 2.9.07 NEWS

Beth Miller leads department in transition
UUA's multifaceted ministry staff group broadens its mission.
By Jane Greer 12.29.06 NEWS

Meadville Lombard announces new scholarship
Spencer and Susan Lavan support academic excellence with gift.
By Jane Greer 12.15.06 NEWS

Centenarian ordained to honor long service
Muriel Davies ordained by Maryland church she founded almost 50 years ago.
By Donald E. Skinner 12.8.06 NEWS

UU civil rights martyr posthumously honored
Viola Liuzzo inducted into the Michigan Women’s Hall of Fame.
By Jane Greer 11.10.06 NEWS

UU astronomer's ashes en route to Pluto
Late astronomer's widow reflects on planet's demotion.
By Donald E. Skinner 10.6.06 NEWS

UUs mobilize against genocide past and present
U.S. Holocaust museum honors Unitarian couple; UUs rally for Darfur.
By Donald E. Skinner 9.22.06 NEWS

UU shot in Seattle hate crime
American Muslim gunman shoots 5, kills 1 at Jewish Federation.
By Jane Greer 8.4.06 NEWS

Mississippi UU volunteer coordinator to start in August
Mission is to help UUs who want to volunteer in Mississippi
By Donald E. Skinner 7.28.06 NEWS

Unitarian minister's TV special celebrates 'American Creed'
The Rev. Forrest Church writes Hallmark Channel documentary.
By Richard Higgins 6.23.06 NEWS

Legally married same-sex couples--two years later
UU gay and lesbian couples reflect on life after Massachusetts marriage ceremonies.
By Donald E. Skinner 6.23.06 NEWS

Unitarian couple honored for World War II rescues
Cofounders of UU Service Committee posthumously honored in Jerusalem ceremony.
By Michelle Bates Deakin 6.16.06 NEWS

UU volunteers help with Gulf Coast reconstruction
Youth groups, individuals line up to help.
By Donald E. Skinner 3.31.06 NEWS

California church develops mental health ministry
Community minister and new curriculum raise awareness.
By Donald E. Skinner 3.10.06 NEWS

Three UUs arrested at Capitol budget protest
Interfaith protest against proposed federal budget cuts.
By Jane Greer and Donald E. Skinner 12.19.05 NEWS

Unitarian couple honored for World War II heroism
Israel honors cofounders of UU Service Committee.
By Michelle Bates Deakin 12.12.05 NEWS

Unitarian Universalist witch loses Supreme Court appeal
Court rejects public prayer case without comment.
By Donald E. Skinner 10.24.05 NEWS

Minister fasts 30 days to protest Iraq war
Members of the First Unitarian Universalist Society in Syracuse, N.Y., joined the Rev. David Blanchard's fast for peace
By Donald E. Skinner 10.17.05 NEWS

Schulman's legacy includes $4.5 million gift
Retired minister's $4.5 million bequest will support scholarship, building loans, and other projects.
By Sonja L. Cohen 10.10.05 NEWS

Flooded New Orleans church a 'horrific' scene
The Rev. Marta Valentin returns for a first-hand look at a hurricane-ravaged church.
By Donald E. Skinner 9.26.05 NEWS

Mississippi Red Cross chapter led by Unitarian Universalist
'My mission has been to live up to the image of Clara Barton,' says Red Cross staffer; Mississippi, Alabama congregations pick up after storm.
By Donald E. Skinner 9.26.05 NEWS

Jason Shelton's music aims for transformation
Nashville music ministry brings new energy to Unitarian Universalist worship.
By Donald E. Skinner 9.26.05 NEWS

Baton Rouge swells with displaced people
UUA president expresses outrage at government’s hurricane response; donations to UUA-UUSC fund reach $386,000.
By Donald E. Skinner 9.7.05 NEWS

Maryland UUs battle for marriage equality
Same-sex couples sue for marriage licenses in Baltimore.
By Jane Greer 9.6.05 NEWS

Volunteers worship in damaged La. church
Volunteers spend weekend fixing one New Orleans-area church; donations to UUA-UUSC relief fund top $343,708.
By Donald E. Skinner 9.6.05 NEWS

New Orleans minister looks for her congregation
Unitarian Universalists donate $141,739 online in two days to help hurting congregations.
By Donald E. Skinner 9.2.05 NEWS

First UU minister named Zen master
The Rev. James Ishmael Ford is the first Unitarian Universalist minister to be named a Zen master.
By Jane Greer 8.29.05 NEWS

Gitmo's first female chaplain is UU
The Rev. Cynthia Kane is one of four military chaplains at the U.S. detention center at Guantanamo Bay.
By Jane Greer 8.22.05 NEWS

Donors pool resources in 'giving circles'
'Shared Giving' circle created at UU Church in NC.
By Staff Writer 8.8.05 NEWS

$2.1 million gift will aid small congregations
One major gift will help small congregations in New Hampshire and Vermont; another secured the future of a Florida congregation.
By Staff Writer 8.1.05 NEWS

Milestones, May/June 2005

By Staff Writer 5.1.05 NEWS

Financial advisor Ladd departs
Elected UUA term ends.
By Tom Stites 5.1.05 NEWS

UUA president arrested in protest at Sudanese Embassy
President Sinkford among initial signers of Save Darfur Coalition unity statement.
By Staff Writer 11.1.04 NEWS

Dedicating their lives to children
Parents of 21 devote themselves to work worldwide.
By Sonja L. Cohen and Reuel Amdur 3.1.04 NEWS

UUA awards at 2009 General Assembly
UUA honors Debra Bowen, Mark Ritchie, Eric Isaacson, and the Rev. Alice Blair Wesley.
By Christopher L. Walton and Sonja L. Cohen NEWS

Portrait of a President
Painting by Shelley Thayer Layton presented on June 3, 2009.
By Jane Greer NEWS

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