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Winter 2014, Vol.XXVIII No.4

Winter 2014, Vol.XXVIII No.4 cover

On the cover: Bobby Simmons and flag bearer Lewis Marshall walked in the 1965 voting rights march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama (Bruce Davidson/Magnum Photos). See “Selma’s Challenge” by Mark Morrison-Reed and “Ferguson Is All of Our Problem” by Meg Riley.



Offenders among us
Whether we realize it or not, we likely all know sex abuse victims and offenders. Can we be in community with both?
By Kimberly French in Life

Safe churches need policies and vigilance
'We want congregations to be as proud of being free of sexual harassment, abuse, and misconduct as they are welcoming of LGBTQ people.'
By Kimberly French in Life

Reforms take aim at clergy misconduct
It is easy to think of clergy misconduct as a Catholic or evangelical problem. It's not.
By Kimberly French in News

Selma's challenge
In the past, our religious forebears had stood on the brink of making a difference in racial justice, and had wavered. Not this time.
By Mark Morrison-Reed in Ideas