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Winter 2012, Vol.XXVI No.4

Winter 2012, Vol.XXVI No.4 cover

On the cover: First Parish in Bedford, Massachusetts (© Carlton SooHoo).



The end of iChurch
To build Beloved Community, Unitarian Universalism needs a new narrative.
By Fredric Muir in Ideas

Activism is an act of faith
Our interconnectedness makes the powerless powerful, says a young UU activist in prison for interrupting an oil and gas lease auction.
By Tim DeChristopher in Ideas

Tim DeChristopher's path
How an undergraduate's activism led him to prison, and to plans to become a UU minister.
By Donald E. Skinner in Life

Disco ball and candlelight
At First Parish in Bedford, worship is 'holy theater' and anything but stuffy.
By Kimberly French in Life