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Winter 2007, Vol.XXI No.4

Winter 2007, Vol.XXI No.4 cover

On the cover:
Thomas Jefferson Writing the Declaration of Independence, (1898) by Howard Pyle. Oil on canvas. From “The Story of the Revolution” by Henry Cabot Lodge, published in Scribner’s Magazine (March 1898). Delaware Art Museum, Wilmington, USA/Howard Pyle Collection/The Bridgeman Art Library.



America's founding faiths
The separation of church and state in America grew out of competing visions of divine order and sacred liberty that divided the nation's founders and its religious communities.
By Forrest Church in Ideas

Sketches of Crete
When a Unitarian Universalist minister moves to the island of Crete, a sense of humor builds a bridge across cultures.
By Robert Fulghum in Life

Spirited defender
Karen Tse's human rights ministry is helping to eradicate torture.
By Michelle Bates Deakin in Life