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Winter 2005, Vol.XIX No.5

Winter 2005, Vol.XIX No.5 cover

Cover art: "Sycamore," copyright 1982 by Andrew Wyeth. Drybrush watercolor. Private collection. www.andrewwyeth.com.



The sacred in images
If we look more carefully at the world around us, our eyes can be channels for the sacred.
By Harold Babcock in Spirit

Ted Kooser's poetry of the people
The U.S. poet laureate and winner of this year’s Pulitzer Prize in poetry is a Unitarian Universalist.
By Dan Cryer in Life

Fred's war
A 40-year-old novel asks unnervingly relevant questions about soldiers in the moral chaos of war.
By Barbara W. Carlson in Life

Katrina’s aftermath
Unitarian Universalists work tirelessly to help the displaced residents of the Gulf Coast states.
By Michelle Bates Deakin in Life