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Summer 2008, Vol.XXII No.2

Summer 2008, Vol.XXII No.2 cover

On the cover:
"Bird of Paradise" (1992), by Suad Al-Attar. Oil on canvas. © Private Collection/The Bridgeman Art Library.



'This present paradise'
For almost 1,000 years, the Christian church emphasized paradise, not Crucifixion. How Christianity took a disastrous turn, and how we can rediscover paradise today.
By Rita Nakashima Brock and Rebecca Ann Parker in Ideas

The Sources sing
The 'Sources' cantata by Jason Shelton and Kendyl Gibbons celebrates the Six Sources of Unitarian Universalism.
By Kimberly French in Life

Three in a thousand
A new survey estimates that 0.3 percent of American adults identify as Unitarians. That's not very many—but it's a lot more than belong to our churches.
By Richard Higgins in Ideas