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Summer 2006, Vol.XX No.2

Summer 2006, Vol.XX No.2 cover

On the cover:

newly flowered
none as yet turned to seed
undamaged by wind or rain
a grass verge between dual carriageways

Near West Bretton, Yorkshire, April 28, 1987
Assemblage and photograph © Andy Goldsworthy, Galerie Lelong, New York



Singing in the shadow of death
African musicians respond to a pandemic with songs of sorrow, resistance, advocacy, and hope.
By Jonah Eller-Isaacs in Life

Human reverence
The language of reverence is the language of humanity.
By Kendyl Gibbons in Ideas

Righteous among the nations
Israel honors two Unitarians for heroism in World War II; their story provokes soul-searching today.
By Michelle Bates Deakin in Ideas