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Spring 2015, Vol.XXIX No.1

Spring 2015, Vol.XXIX No.1 cover

On the cover: Jing Jing Tsong (theispot.com)



The radical King we don't know
Does America have the capacity to heed the radical Martin Luther King Jr., or must America sanitize King in order to evade and avoid his challenge?
By Cornel West in Ideas

The next Selma
How the Black Lives Matter movement challenges Unitarian Universalists.
By Kenny Wiley in Life

We stepped outside
In an affluent town near Ferguson, UUs held weekly sidewalk vigils.
By Barbara Hoag Gadon in Life

A new ethos
How the UUA is promoting Beloved Community today.
By Taquiena Boston in Ideas

Letter from a hoped-for future
What Unitarian Universalism looks like, twenty years from now.
By Rosemary Bray McNatt in Spirit