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Spring 2009, Vol.XXIII No.1

Spring 2009, Vol.XXIII No.1 cover

On the cover:
“Ascidiae,” plate 85 from Kunstformen der Natur (1899–1904), by Ernst Haeckel. Calmann & King, London, UK/The Bridgeman Art Library.

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Natural faith
How Darwinian evolution has transformed liberal religion.
By William R. Murry in Ideas

Our inner ape
How deeply rooted is our Unitarian Universalist belief in peace and justice for all?
By Anthony David in Ideas

Imagineers of soul
In our churches, we should be sorcerer’s apprentices in the art of quenching thirst and opening the doors of meaning. Why, then, are we so scared?
By Christine Robinson in Ideas

'True to my lineage'
The Rev. Mark Morrison-Reed's quest for spiritual integration.
By Kimberly French in Life