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Fall 2009, Vol.XXIII No.3

Fall 2009, Vol.XXIII No.3 cover

On the cover:

“Whoever Brought Me Here Will Have To Take Me Home” (detail), © 1998 by Daniel Nevins (www.danielnevins.com). Oil on wood, 42 x 36 inches. Private collection/theispot.com.

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The gospel of inclusion
A black Pentecostal bishop embraces Universalism, befriends a Unitarian minister, and shakes up the largest congregation in the UUA.
By Kimberly French in Life

A multicultural future
The Unitarian Universalist Association elects a president focused on helping congregations adapt to a changing society.
By Donald E. Skinner and Christopher L. Walton in News

Awards for service to church and state
UUA honors Debra Bowen, Mark Ritchie, Eric Isaacson, and the Rev. Alice Blair Wesley.
By Christopher L. Walton and Sonja L. Cohen in News

Social witness resolutions
Resolutions adopted by the 2009 UUA General Assembly.
By Christopher L. Walton in News