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Fall 2006, Vol.XX No.3

Fall 2006, Vol.XX No.3 cover

On the cover:

Detail, "9/11 Series, Painting #3 of 16," © 2002 by Paul Giovanopoulos, NYC. Acrylic on canvas, 63 x 76 inches. www.giovanopoulos.com



American myths reconsidered
Five years after 9/11, Americans still live in the wreckage of old ideas. Religious liberals have a chance to build a new theology adequate to our complex times. Will we rise to the challenge?
By W. Frederick Wooden in Ideas

Drivin' their SUV song
Two Unitarian Universalists spoof the SUV craze with a catchy country song, promoting marriage equality as they go.
By Neil Miller in Life

General Assembly 2006
Environmental issues dominate the annual gathering of Unitarian Universalist leaders.
By Tom Stites in News