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Universalism in practice
Black lives matter.
By Nancy McDonald Ladd 5.4.15 IDEAS

What do we mean when we say ‘religious experience’?
The answer depends on whom you ask, of course.
By Myriam Renaud 4.27.15 IDEAS

UU scholars exchange ideas at San Diego gathering
The UU Scholars and Friends group meets at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Religion and the Society for Biblical Literature.
By Emily R. Mace 3.1.15 IDEAS

Will we accompany immigrants and deportees?
What is the 'gospel' Unitarian Universalists have to share with migrants and deportees?
By Colin Bossen 2.2.15 IDEAS

The radical Martin Luther King we don't know
Does America have the capacity to heed the radical Martin Luther King Jr., or must America sanitize King in order to evade and avoid his challenge?
By Cornel West 1.19.15 IDEAS

Charles Dickens and the notion of evil
Although his true villains are never redeemed, Dickens' novels demonstrate that good wins in the end.
By Susan Jhirad 11.1.14 IDEAS

The boots worked either way
Be aware of the tensions in your life and the awareness can be an ally.
By Bret Lortie 10.13.14 IDEAS

All are welcome, to a point
Anti-abortion activists interrupted a Unitarian Universalist worship service, then complained when they were ushered out.
By Darcy Baxter 9.15.14 IDEAS

Suffering on trial
Three liberal theologians take on the problem of suffering.
By Myriam Renaud 8.18.14 IDEAS

I don't 'believe in' the Seven Principles
I don’t think of them as beliefs at all.
By Doug Muder 5.19.14 IDEAS

Questions of comfort
Where do you find comfort in suffering if you don't believe suffering has a greater purpose?
By Sarah MacLeod 4.14.14 IDEAS

Following my moral compass
We all navigate through circumstances at the limits of human experience.
By Erika Nonken 3.3.14 IDEAS

Religious community is not enough
Unitarian Universalism's purpose is much bigger than gathering with like-minded people for mutual support.
By Tom Schade 1.27.14 IDEAS

Who gets to tell Jesus's story?
A single story may win, but the alternate stories do not fully disappear.
By Parisa Parsa 12.9.13 IDEAS

A letter about Santa and God
By telling the truth about Santa, maybe I can better explain what I believe about God.
By Gillie English Bishop 12.2.13 IDEAS

Live better, help often, wonder more
The Sunday Assembly movement shares Unitarian Universalism's values, but has a lot more fun expressing them.
By Doug Muder 11.25.13 IDEAS

A lie, or just editing?
How much can you alter a story before it’s not itself any more?
By Meg Barnhouse 11.4.13 IDEAS

Is religion broken?
There’s a movement that attracts millions of people and encourages them to become their best selves—but it’s not a church.
By Doug Muder 9.23.13 IDEAS

Belief is the enemy of faith
A new interfaith, multifaith spirituality is struggling to be born.
By Peter Morales 9.16.13 IDEAS

A pond behind the church?
In my experience, no one improves by way of a scolding.
By Meg Barnhouse 9.2.13 IDEAS

What is the nature of nature?
Three Unitarian Universalist perspectives.
By Myriam Renaud 7.29.13 IDEAS

Bound in covenant
Congregational covenants are declarations of interdependence.
By Victoria Safford 7.1.13 IDEAS

Meaning in the midst of war
Easy answers lead to difficult questions. So why not just start with the questions?
By George Tyger 5.27.13 IDEAS

What Unitarian Universalists want
Unitarian Universalists share a profound sense of what we cherish and what we want to become.
By Peter Morales 5.6.13 IDEAS

Becoming fluent in faith
We need to embrace the challenge of using religious language with comfort and integrity.
By Jeanne Harrison Nieuwejaar 4.15.13 IDEAS

Wrestling with Easter
We need a secular Easter mythology.
By Doug Muder 3.25.13 IDEAS

Grief and celebration are interwoven in this world, like winter and spring.
By Gary Kowalski 3.18.13 IDEAS

A humanist's guide to prayer
What would the prayer of a humanist sound like?
By Patricia Montley 2.25.13 IDEAS

The moral arc reconsidered
Empirical evidence that the arc of the moral universe bends toward justice.
By John Weston 2.15.13 IDEAS

The surprising success of lifeboat faith
Unitarian Universalism cannot thrive if we don’t at least understand the appeal of religions that give people identity and direction.
By Doug Muder 2.4.13 IDEAS

The end of iChurch
To build Beloved Community, Unitarian Universalism needs a new narrative.
By Fredric Muir 1.7.13 IDEAS

Unitarian Universalism's two truths
What is our healing message? To what are we being beckoned when we gather?
By James Ishmael Ford 12.31.12 IDEAS

The next Jesus to come through the door
When I meet a Jesus, I like to keep an open mind.
By Meg Barnhouse 12.24.12 IDEAS

When God is a baby
A soul story is a dream from the depths of a culture.
By Meg Barnhouse 12.10.12 IDEAS

Voices: What comes next?
What do you think happens after you die?
By Sonja L. Cohen 11.1.12 IDEAS

Stitching it together
It would be easier to use a blanket, but we ask more of people who enter our churches: We ask them to be quilters.
By Jory Agate 10.22.12 IDEAS

Obama's religious roots
Despite his childhood exposure to Unitarian Universalism, Barack Obama found his religious home elsewhere.
By Thandeka 10.8.12 IDEAS

We should be more countercultural
UUs should experience tension between our religious values and those of the secular world.
By Ana Levy-Lyons 10.1.12 IDEAS

A passion for reason
Reason needs the energy of passion in order to inspire others.
By Doug Muder 9.17.12 IDEAS

Getting over dualism
Many UUs reject the separation of the spiritual and the material.
By Myriam Renaud 8.13.12 IDEAS

Primal reverence
Reverence is an organic human experience that requires no supernatural explanations.
By Kendyl Gibbons 7.23.12 IDEAS

Democracy and empire
Liberal religion can nurture the weakened democratic spirit and push back against the forces of empire.
By Paul Rasor 7.2.12 IDEAS

A candid welcome to Unitarian Universalism
Top 10 reasons you may not feel comfortable here.
By Meg Riley 2.27.12 IDEAS

At my mother's funeral
Unitarian Universalists are precisely the people who can't believe whatever they want.
By Doug Muder 1.23.12 IDEAS

We cannot hear unless there is silence.
By Tom Owen-Towle 12.26.11 IDEAS

Bethlehem's hospitality
I'm chagrined to learn that our Christmas pageants have the birth in the stable all wrong.
By Meg Barnhouse 12.19.11 IDEAS

Our shadow side
Unitarian Universalism is a religious movement that no longer takes religion seriously.
By Marilyn Sewell 12.5.11 IDEAS

The threat of fundamentalism
Unitarian Universalists must boldly participate in the religious marketplace of ideas.
By Rosemary Bray McNatt 12.5.11 IDEAS

A candy bar for death
I remember exactly when I first became afraid of death in a more-than-childish way.
By Doug Muder 10.31.11 IDEAS

Rob Bell's case for Universalism
Popular evangelical Rob Bell makes the case for universal salvation.
By Thom Belote 10.24.11 IDEAS

Grace to the rescue
Unitarian Universalist ideas about what saves us.
By Myriam Renaud 9.26.11 IDEAS

ESPN film examines curses and scapegoats
Unitarian Universalist minister lends religious perspective to questions of fan behavior.
By Michelle Bates Deakin 9.26.11 IDEAS

How Unitarian Universalists break the rules
Rule breaking just might be right up our alley.
By Jane Rzepka 9.26.11 IDEAS

After 9/11, can Unitarian Universalists talk about evil?
Despite religious liberals' uneasiness with the word, we have something important to say about evil.
By Angela Herrera 9.5.11 IDEAS

Before words: The spirituality of Humanism
Spirituality is an awareness of the gap between what you can experience and what you can describe.
By Doug Muder 7.18.11 IDEAS

A nation of religious changelings
A fickle religious marketplace offers promise and peril for Unitarian Universalists.
By Dan Cryer 7.4.11 IDEAS

The unfulfilled dream
We neglected the Universalist challenge of restating our core convictions in contemporary terms.
By David E. Bumbaugh 6.6.11 IDEAS

The life of the spirit
We are discovering Universalism's theological bounty.
By Denise T. Davidoff 6.6.11 IDEAS

With diversity comes strength
Our congregations are only starting to embrace what we teach our children.
By Barb Greve 5.15.11 IDEAS

Let mission drive us
Welcoming change requires a strong sense of a congregation's mission.
By Joanna Fontaine Crawford 5.15.11 IDEAS

Different UU ideas about God
You're definitely in good company when it comes to God-turning and God-thinking.
By Myriam Renaud 4.18.11 IDEAS

Grace wins in the end
'I am a sworn enemy of the saccharine, and a believer in grace over karma.'
By Chance Hunter 3.7.11 IDEAS

Winter hope
Optimism often lies, but hope never fails.
By Doug Muder 1.31.11 IDEAS

Natural rapture
Only when we strip away magical thinking can we see the sacred in everything.
By Kimberly French 1.17.11 IDEAS

Stop the elevator; I'm not done
If someone on an elevator asked you what Unitarian Universalism is, could you answer before one of you reached your destination?
By Doug Muder 12.27.10 IDEAS

Opening words, Winter 2010
Spiritual enthusiasm toward the enrichment of human life.
By John H. Dietrich 11.1.10 IDEAS

The demon of certainty and the curious heart
Certainty is the most dangerous demon of all.
By James Ishmael Ford 9.27.10 IDEAS

Good works
If our beliefs have meaning, we must act as if our souls depend on it.
By Jeffrey A. Lockwood 9.20.10 IDEAS

Do all religions share a common thread?
Understanding our religious differences may be the best hope for promoting cooperation.
By Dan Harper 9.20.10 IDEAS

Theodore Parker, radical theologian
2010 is the bicentennial of the most influential Unitarian minister who ever lived.
By Dean Grodzins 8.30.10 IDEAS

There is enough
There's enough for you. There's enough for me. We don't have to throw anybody under the bus.
By Keith Ellison 8.23.10 IDEAS

The welcome table
How the hospitality of progressive churches cultivates forgiveness and justice.
By John Buehrens 8.9.10 IDEAS

The wisdom tree
Sometimes the place where you used to find wisdom gets destroyed.
By Meg Barnhouse 8.2.10 IDEAS

What can we reasonably believe about an afterlife?
Where should we assign the burden of proof for ideas about the afterlife?
By Doug Muder 7.26.10 IDEAS

Black humanism's response to suffering
Suffering is not redemptive; we must take human responsibility for eradicating it.
By Colin Bossen 7.19.10 IDEAS

We are already in paradise
There is no land promised to any of us other than the land already given.
By Rebecca Ann Parker 6.28.10 IDEAS

The catch
I haven't played chess in decades, yet somehow I've ended up with a chess player's worldview.
By Doug Muder 6.14.10 IDEAS

Who owns your congregation?
A congregation's owner isn't its board, minister, or members; it is its mission.
By Dan Hotchkiss 3.8.10 IDEAS

Can Unitarian Universalism change?
Our tradition has always been responsive to the needs of its time, but are we ready to adapt to our increasingly multicultural society?
By Paul Rasor 2.22.10 IDEAS

Mary Daly changed my life
I am not sorry that I used to be ‘one of those angry women.’
By Meg Barnhouse 2.15.10 IDEAS

The religious left
An old tradition for a new day.
By Daniel McKanan 1.18.10 IDEAS

Theological rationale for abortion
Defending abortion from a liberal Christian perspective.
By Scotty McLennan 12.7.09 IDEAS

Who says Unitarian Universalism's Principles are easy?
The UU Principles are demanding enough to make me whine.
By Meg Barnhouse 11.23.09 IDEAS

Jesus, peasant revolutionary
A paradoxical power is revealed in people the world despises, in people the world deems weak.
By Wendy Fitting 11.9.09 IDEAS

The cathedral of the world
A twenty-first-century theology, based on the concept of one light and many windows.
By Forrest Church 11.2.09 IDEAS

Forrest Church's Universalism
For Church, 'E pluribus unum' was a civic ideal and a religious insight.
By Christopher L. Walton 11.2.09 IDEAS

If there is a God . . .
As an agnostic, I'm definitely an atheist about some gods. But what kind of God might be possible?
By Cynthia Landrum 11.1.09 IDEAS

The gospel of inclusion
The Universalism of former Pentecostal bishop Carlton Pearson.
By Kimberly French 10.5.09 IDEAS

John Murray's conversion to Universalism
How an 18th-century Calvinist was converted to Universalism.
By Kimberly French 6.29.09 IDEAS

The human condition
If the ego is about how we are separate, then the spirit is about how we are connected.
By Kenneth W. Collier 6.8.09 IDEAS

Holding the center against sectarianism and secularity
Religious liberals reject the idea that a religion is a collection of beliefs that are either true or false.
By Doug Muder 4.27.09 IDEAS

Imagineers of soul
Our churches should be sorcerer’s apprentices in the art of opening the doors of meaning. Why, then, are we so scared?
By Christine Robinson 4.6.09 IDEAS

A religion for hard times
Faith is what’s left when you stop responding to radical uncertainty with panic and denial.
By Doug Muder 3.30.09 IDEAS

Our inner ape
How deeply rooted is our Unitarian Universalist belief in peace and justice for all?
By Anthony David 3.9.09 IDEAS

Natural faith
How Darwinian evolution has transformed liberal religion.
By William R. Murry 2.12.09 IDEAS

That elusive more
What do Unitarian Universalists need to go deeper?
By Doug Muder 1.12.09 IDEAS

A broken hallelujah
Praise in the midst of a broken world and a broken heart?
By Barbara Merritt 12.15.08 IDEAS

The Tyger and the Lamb
Faith in authority divides the self and endangers the world. But faith in each other, a covenantal faith, can bring personal and global peace.
By Dennis McCarty 10.6.08 IDEAS

Assembly of a lesser god
Belief and worship are powerful tools for organizing thought and behavior. If others get control of those tools, they can make us dance like puppets. But if we’re careful, we can learn to pull our own strings.
By Doug Muder 9.22.08 IDEAS

Though Jesus did not rise from the dead
Jesus died and decomposed, and yet he was right: Nothing is utterly lost.
By Andrew James Brown 8.4.08 IDEAS

Early Christians emphasized paradise, not crucifixion
How we can reclaim a theology of earthly paradise.
By Rita Nakashima Brock and Rebecca Ann Parker 7.14.08 IDEAS

Love and death
Facing cancer with lessons learned from my parishioners.
By Forrest Church 5.26.08 IDEAS

The Sources of Unitarian Universalism
Adopted by the Unitarian Universalist Association in 1984.
By Unitarian Universalist Association 5.15.08 IDEAS

Our congregationalist heritage
Unitarian Universalists have held fast to one aspect of their Puritan roots: congregational polity.
By Alice Blair Wesley 5.12.08 IDEAS

Unfinished with Christianity
Most Unitarian Universalists live in tension with Christianity. I wish we talked about this more.
By Doug Muder 3.24.08 IDEAS

Prophetic nonviolence
Toward a Unitarian Universalist theology of war and peace.
By Paul Rasor 2.4.08 IDEAS

What is sacred?
The relationship of all living things.
By Patrick O'Neill 12.17.07 IDEAS

What is evil?
A view of human nature grounded in human possibility rather than pathology.
By Patrick O'Neill 11.26.07 IDEAS

A Unitarian Universalist view of 'The Secret'
Despite the silly 'science' and fake experts on the hit DVD, some of The Secret's advice actually helped me.
By Fred Small 11.19.07 IDEAS

Pete Stark's untroubled humanism
A Unitarian Congressman can't fathom why his nontheism is causing such a fuss.
By Doug Muder 10.8.07 IDEAS

Liberal theology, vibrant but hidden
Unitarian Universalism was liberal theology's first home, but we have neglected it lately.
By Christopher L. Walton 9.24.07 IDEAS

Liberal religion and the working class
Unitarian Universalism has a class problem.
By Doug Muder 9.3.07 IDEAS

Jesus for UU children
New book offers a Unitarian Universalist view.
By Christopher L. Walton 8.27.07 IDEAS

The death of li'l Anthrax
A more vicious little creature you could hardly imagine.
By Barbara Merritt 8.18.07 IDEAS

Passionate, unfiltered voices about ministry
New book about congregations and ministers working together.
By Kenneth Sutton 8.18.07 IDEAS

Love the contradictions
The world needs people who can love it in its contradiction and complexity.
By Robert Hardies 7.23.07 IDEAS

Does humanism need to be new?
A Harvard conference offers a 'new humanism,' but how does it differ from the old?
By Doug Muder 6.4.07 IDEAS

What is Unitarian Universalist Buddhism?
The history of UU engagement with Buddhism and its growing significance.
By James Ishmael Ford 5.21.07 IDEAS

Buddhist basics
Central concepts in Buddhism.
By James Ishmael Ford 5.15.07 IDEAS

Did James Luther Adams really predict 'Christian fascists'?
Chris Hedges invokes UU theologian James Luther Adams in his new book, 'American Fascists,' but gets Adams only half-right.
By George Kimmich Beach 4.30.07 IDEAS

What membership means
Our covenant is open to all who will enter it with us.
By Alice Blair Wesley 4.16.07 IDEAS

How Jesus claimed me
One Unitarian Universalist's religious journey.
By Victoria Weinstein 4.9.07 IDEAS

A theology of gratitude
Gratitude should be the center of Unitarian Universalist theology.
By Galen Guengerich 2.12.07 IDEAS

The emerging religious humanism
What is humanistic religious naturalism?
By William R. Murry 1.22.07 IDEAS

What demythologizers tell their children
Stories are for everyone.
By Susan M. Smith 12.18.06 IDEAS

Straight to Jesus
Inside the Evangelical gay-conversion movement.
By Doug Muder 12.11.06 IDEAS

What torture has taught me
My twelve years at the helm of Amnesty International.
By William F. Schulz 11.6.06 IDEAS

Can Unitarian Universalists talk about failure?
Original Sin isn't a good idea. Expecting perfection isn't, either.
By David Hubner 9.25.06 IDEAS

Sam Harris challenges liberal religious tolerance
Sam Harris has good news and bad news for Unitarian Universalists.
By Warren R. Ross 9.4.06 IDEAS

Why Unitarian Universalists need a language of reverence
The language of reverence is the language of humanity.
By Kendyl Gibbons 7.31.06 IDEAS

Love as a way of life
Love your neighbor, even before disaster strikes.
By Rebecca Ann Parker 7.10.06 IDEAS

Harvard announces professorship in Unitarian Universalist studies
Ralph Waldo Emerson Professor will focus on liberal religious traditions.
By Jane Greer and Christopher L. Walton 5.25.06 IDEAS

Counterculture and liberal religion
20th-century transformations of liberal religion.
By Christopher L. Walton 4.3.06 IDEAS

The difference between peaceful and violent religions
What does it mean to talk about 'peaceful' or 'violent' religions?
By Jeff Wilson 3.13.06 IDEAS

Free speech doesn't justify incendiary speech
When religion is involved, hate speech kills.
By Forrest Church 3.6.06 IDEAS

The wonder of evolution
Science and religion stand together.
By Amy Hassinger 2.20.06 IDEAS

'Great Story' religious education
Science and religion in the Sunday school.
By Amy Hassinger 2.15.06 IDEAS

Many religions, but only one earth
Can reverence for the earth bring us together across religious differences?
By Patricia Montley 2.6.06 IDEAS

Martin Luther King Jr.’s demanding God
King's God breaks down our divisions.
By Thomas Mikelson 1.16.06 IDEAS

Learning to see more than meets the eye
Look for the divine in the world as it is.
By Harold Babcock 1.9.06 IDEAS

What do Unitarian Universalists believe?
Unitarian Universalists hold many beliefs in common.
By Commission on Appraisal 11.21.05 IDEAS

Do UUs have theological common ground?
Two books look for liberal religion's theological foundations.
By Rosemary Bray McNatt 11.14.05 IDEAS

Halloween's ritual roots
Even in its secular and commercial form, Halloween ritualizes our inescapable destination.
By Patricia Montley 10.31.05 IDEAS

Why liberal religion offers a better way
Liberal religious people need to reclaim the moral agenda.
By Krista Taves 10.10.05 IDEAS

New songbook explores new music styles
A review of Singing the Journey.
By W. Frederick Wooden 8.22.05 IDEAS

Liberal theology's commitments

By Paul Rasor 8.15.05 IDEAS

The spiritual in science fiction
A Unitarian Universalist take on science fiction and fantasy.
By Will Shetterly 7.25.05 IDEAS

Hosea Ballou's Universalist manifesto
The pioneering theologian Hosea Ballou challenged the doctrine of damnation.
By Charles Howe 7.4.05 IDEAS

Book collects key texts in UU reverence debate
Documentary history of the 'vocabulary of reverence' debate.
By Christopher L. Walton 3.1.05 IDEAS

Small group ministry creates sacred time
A time when the stories of our lives are heard.
By Thandeka 1.1.05 IDEAS

James Luther Adams's examined faith
Faith is not fundamentally about one's beliefs but about one's commitments.
By Christopher L. Walton 1.1.05 IDEAS

Church of all sorts
Some faiths focus on all saints and others on all souls, but Unitarian Universalism is a faith of all sorts.
By Tom Owen-Towle 1.1.05 IDEAS

The ceremony of innocence
A ceremony of innocence is a statement of faith and an act of hope.
By Galen Guengerich 1.1.05 IDEAS

Was Thomas Jefferson really a Unitarian?
What makes someone 'one of us'?
By Peg Duthie 11.1.04 IDEAS

The pages of sin
Greed, envy, gluttony, and lust reconsidered.
By Dan Cryer 9.1.04 IDEAS

Where is the line between life and death?
How long should someone, unable to live on her own, be kept alive?
By W. Frederick Wooden 9.1.04 IDEAS

A religion of exile and personal choice
Unitarian Universalists aren't strangers to exile.
By Victoria Safford 3.1.04 IDEAS

Jesus and the modern seeker
It may take an act of great will to see past the relics of tradition to something new.
By Erik Walker Wikstrom 1.1.04 IDEAS

Unitarian Universalism's humanist legacy
Seventy years of religious humanism.
By William F. Schulz 11.1.03 IDEAS

Science and its metaphors
How far does the authority of science go?
By Christopher L. Walton 11.1.03 IDEAS

We are all part of God
God is a reality that includes all of us but is bigger than any one of us.
By Gary Kowalski 7.1.03 IDEAS

Ralph Waldo Emerson's Unitarian legacy
What do we see in Ralph Waldo Emerson on his 200th birthday?
By Richard Higgins 5.1.03 IDEAS

Emerson's shadow
The shadow side to Emerson's influence.
By Forrest Church 5.1.03 IDEAS

Theodore Parker, heretical prophet
Theodore Parker did more to establish our justice-seeking heritage than anyone else.
By Rosemary Bray McNatt 5.1.03 IDEAS

Why Martin Luther King Jr. wasn't a UU
A reflection on race and theology.
By Rosemary Bray McNatt 11.1.02 IDEAS

Against vengeance
Witness for the things that make for peace.
By Rebecca Ann Parker 9.1.02 IDEAS

Interview with Rita Nakashima Brock and Rebecca Parker
What to do when experience challenges tradition.
By Christopher L. Walton and Jane Greer 3.3.02 IDEAS

Suffering does not redeem us
Two feminist theologians say suffering redeems nothing.
By Christopher L. Walton 3.1.02 IDEAS

Can violence save?
Challenging the theology of redemptive suffering.
By Rita Nakashima Brock and Rebecca Ann Parker 3.1.02 IDEAS

Unshakable foundations
What endures in a time of terror: A sermon from the week of 9/11.
By Galen Guengerich 1.1.02 IDEAS

Has terrorism shaken our religious principles?
9/11 challenges Unitarian Universalists to think about evil.
By Warren R. Ross 1.1.02 IDEAS

Books To Note, Jan-Feb 2002

By Christopher L. Walton 1.1.02 IDEAS

Universalism: A theology for the 21st century
To the Universalist, truth in religion is like truth in poetry.
By Forrest Church 11.5.01 IDEAS

Claiming and reclaiming Universalism
Reflecting on the Unitarian and Universalist merger.
By Helene Knox 7.1.93 IDEAS

Stories from Universalist history
Stories of Universalists.
By David Reich 7.1.93 IDEAS

Little books about big stuff
A new series of children's books from the team that produced 'uu&me!' magazine.
By Sonja L. Cohen IDEAS

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