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Kathleen McTigue

The Rev. Kathleen McTigue is minister of the Unitarian Society of New Haven, in Hamden, Conn. She and her husband, political organizer Nicholas Nyhart, have three children. She is a contributor to Bless This Child: A Treasury of Poems, Quotations and Readings to Celebrate Birth, edited by Edward Searl (Skinner House, 2005), and is the author of Shine and Shadow: Meditations (Skinner House, 2011).


How to give a blessing
I didn't mean to give an honest answer when asked, 'How are you?'
By Kathleen McTigue 11.28.11

Once and for all
Watching a loved one fade into dementia and yearning for grace.
By Kathleen McTigue 8.20.07

What's spiritual about parenting young children?
Being a parent often doesn't look anything like traveling a spiritual path.
By Kathleen McTigue 2.27.06