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Jeffrey A. Lockwood

Jeffrey A. Lockwood, an insect ecologist and writer, is a professor of natural sciences and humanities at the University of Wyoming. An online columnist for UU World, he is a member of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Laramie, Wyoming. He is the author of several books, including Grasshopper Dreaming (Skinner House, 2002), Locust (Basic Books, 2004), and Prairie Soul (Skinner House, 2004).


Less more, please
Solutions to the world’s environmental problems may not require more of us, but less.
By Jeffrey A. Lockwood 2.9.15

When it comes to science and religion, render unto Caesar
Students occasionally offered erroneous answers with absolute confidence, but this fellow had thrown down a gauntlet.
By Jeffrey A. Lockwood 11.24.14

We've bottled everything from water to religion.
By Jeffrey A. Lockwood 7.7.14

Adaptation and defiance
Climate change requires adaptation, but it also calls for defiance.
By Jeffrey A. Lockwood 7.15.13

Good works
If our beliefs have meaning, we must act as if our souls depend on it.
By Jeffrey A. Lockwood 9.20.10

Nature's tough love
How the prairie challenges the ego.
By Jeffrey A. Lockwood 7.1.02

Good for nothing
In the study of grasshoppers, an entomologist discovers the value of simply 'being.'
By Jeffrey A. Lockwood 5.1.01