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Patriotism is not only a legitimate sentiment, but a duty... We cannot more efficiently labor for the good of all... than by pledging heart, brain, and hands to the services of keeping our country true to its mission, obedient to its idea...

The world waits to see the quality and energy of our patriotism. The book of our country's history... is handed to us, that we may inscribe there the records of its glory, or its shame.


Eloquent Universalist-Unitarian minister who served the First Unitarian Church of San Francisco from 1860 to 1864. His speaking tours in California helped secure the state's alliance with the Union during the U.S. Civil War. This passage from "Patriotism", a speech King gave in Boston in 1851, appears in his book, Patriotism and Other Papers (1864). The Unitarian Universalist seminary in Berkeley, California, founded 100 years ago this fall, was renamed the Starr King School for the Ministry in his honor in 1941. This passage was read by Arliss Ungar, a former school trustee, during the school's commencement in May.


Manufactured Fear
War, politics, media, and advertising all contribute to an atmosphere of fear. /BY NEIL SHISTER
Resetting the worry alarm /BY FORREST CHURCH

Where Did Our Time Go?
Let's take back our time /BY WILLIAM J. DOHERTY
Savor life /BY SONJA L. COHEN

General Assembly 2004
The UUA's annual convention reaches out to non-UUs, welcomes a new leader, and condemns torture and abuses of civil liberties. /BY CHRISTOPHER L. WALTON

Cover by Charles Barsotti.

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