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Marriage is one of the most remarkable and most courageous of human acts, the promise of two human beings to share life together on all levels—physical, economic, spiritual—a promise made in the face of the certainty of death, the certainty of change, and the uncertainty of everything else. There is nothing else quite like this act, nothing so foolish, nothing so profound.


Performed in San Francisco City Hall, March 10, by the Rev. Barbara Hamilton-Holway and the Rev. Bill Hamilton-Holway. Neff and Rothermel's marriage, one of 4,037 same-sex marriages licensed by the city before the California Supreme Court barred further licenses, is described in this issue.

features  MAY/JUNE 2004 · VOL XVIII NO 3

Same-Sex Marriage
Recent events across the United States reflect decades of changing cultural attitudes. /BY NEIL MILLER

A Mother's Bond
Grief and recovery transform the author's relationship with her mother. /BY BARBARA HAMILTON-HOLWAY

No Formulaic Hero
Kathy Mulvey of INFACT draws on her Unitarian Universalist faith to sustain her activism. /BY BELLA ENGLISH

Cover: Illustration by Gerad Taylor.

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