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 Cover, March/April 2004 UU World: Reconciliation
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Every man wants . . . to know that—however vast and impersonal all life about him may seem, however hard may be the stretch of road on which he is journeying—he is not alone, but the object of another's concern and caring; he wants to know this in an awareness sufficient to hold him against ultimate fear and panic. It is precisely at this point of awareness that life becomes personal and the individual a person . . . and the way is cleared for him to experience his own spirit.


Minister of the multiracial, culturally pluralistic Church for the Fellowship of All People in San Francisco (1944-1953) and dean of Boston University's Marsh Chapel (1953-1965), Thurman was one of the most prominent African American theologians in the mid-twentieth century. From Disciplines of the Spirit (1963); quoted in Paula Cole Jones's cover story, “Reconciliation as a Spiritual Discipline”.

features  MARCH/APRIL 2004 · VOL XVIII NO 2

Reconciliation as a Spiritual Discipline
In our own souls, between individuals, within groups, and between groups. /BY PAULA COLE JONES

How Can We Help in Iraq?
Simple acts of kindness /BY JAMES RUPERT
Kids as sacred as mine /BY DENISE BREEDEN-OST
Supporting relief efforts

An Enduring Bond
Links a congregation in Minnesota to a health clinic in Malawi. /BY WARREN R. ROSS

Cover: Illustration by David Hollenbach

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