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 Cover, November/December 2003 UU World: Squeezed for Time
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Life is both more and less than we hoped for, both more comic and tragic than we knew. Comedy ends in happiness, while tragedy yields wisdom. We want, I suppose, to be happily wise and wisely happy. Only then can we know the full blessings of our imperfect lives.

— PHILIP SIMMONS (1957-2002)

The author of Learning to Fall: The Blessings of an Imperfect Life (Bantam Books, 2002), in which this passage appears, was a contributing editor to this magazine.


What Family Time?
As families juggle work, school, sports events, music lessons, and clubs, they look for ways to balance busy-ness with time to be together. /BY DAVID WHITFORD

Soccer Brings Families Together

Reclaim Your Family Time

Against Political Innocence
The author is afraid we have consistently underestimated the systems we oppose and overestimated our own skill and willingness. /BY ROSEMARY BRAY MCNATT

Our Humanist Legacy
Assessing the impact of the seventy-year-old Humanist Manifesto on our religious movement. /BY WILLIAM F. SCHULZ

Photographs on cover and above of (L to R) Sara, Anna, David, and Emma Whitford by Chris Cirker / Cover photomontage by Robert Delboy

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