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 Cover, July/August 2003 UU World: Embattled Faith
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The Paradox of Faith

Religion is the vision of something which stands beyond, behind, and within the passing flux of immediate things; something which is real, and yet waiting to be realized; something which is a remote possibility, and yet the greatest of all present facts; something that gives meaning to all that passes, and yet eludes apprehension; something whose possession is the final good, and yet is beyond all reach; something which is the ultimate ideal, and the hopeless quest.


British-American mathematician and philosopher and a central figure in the process theology movement (see page 30). From Science and the Modern World (1925).

features  JULY/AUGUST 2003 · VOL XVII NO 4

UUs and the Military
Many Unitarian Universalists opposed the recent war in Iraq yet supported the troops fighting it. How have UUs dealt with the issues of war and peace over the years? /BY NEIL SHISTER

Creating Family Rituals
In this age of crowded calendars and hurried meals, families can still make time for meaningful interactions by creating their own rituals. /BY MEG COX

Seeing God as Process
Philosopher and theologian Charles Hartshorne saw the universe and God as a benevolent and dynamic whole composed of interconnected processes. Is the world really made up of "evanescent events" rather than "enduring substances"? /BY GARY KOWALSKI

On the cover: Dog tags belonging to a Unitarian Universalist Navy chaplain, the Rev. Cynthia Kane. Cover design by Dennis Paiva, photographed by Tony Scarpetta.

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