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 Cover, March/April 2003 UU World: Emerson at 200

opening words

Wealth of Vision

Rich is the one who lives in today, filled with the problems and promises of her own times. Richer is the one who lives in her own times, but sees in them the admixture of all the times that have been...
     Rich is the one who sees things newly as if eyes had never before looked upon the earth. Richer is the one who learns to look through the eyes of men and women who have gone before, and adds to their vision the freshness of his own sight.

— THE REV. DR. KENNETH L. PATTON   (1911-1994)

Adapted from a reading, "Man in Time," in Hymns for the Celebration of Life, the 1964 Unitarian Universalist Association hymnal that Patton helped produce. The author of almost thirty books, he served congregations in Madison, Wisconsin, and Ridgewood, New Jersey, but is best known for leading the innovative Universalist Charles Street Meeting House in Boston from 1949 through 1964.

features  MARCH/APRIL 2003 · VOL XVII NO 2

Emerson's Mirror
Ralph Waldo Emerson, now as during his lifetime, is a complicated, sometimes contradictory, Unitarian archetype. A bicentennial reflection. /BY RICHARD HIGGINS

Emerson's Shadow
It's time for Unitarian Universalists to step out of the shadow cast by this original thinker. /BY FORREST CHURCH

From Riches to Responsibility
Born to family wealth, Chuck Collins gave away his inheritance and has devoted his life to economic justice. Now he is taking on the repeal of the estate tax. /BY KIMBERLY FRENCH

At Home in the Global Village
A sense of place and community connections are essential for a feeling of stability in our modern world. /BY MARY PIPHER

On the cover: Illustration by John T. Quinn III.

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Emerson's Mirror
by Richard Higgins

Emerson's Shadow
by Forrest Church

From Riches to Responsibility
by Kimberly French

At Home in the Global Village
by Mary Pipher


From the Editor
What's religious about taxes?

From the President
The world badly needs our good news

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Money and the spirit

I believe in nature

Too close to death

UU Trend
Training a minister

Living the Faith
Interfaith bridges

Congregational Life
Welcoming single adults

UU Bookshelf
Power, faith, and change

What in the World?
Discussion topics on UU World articles

Looking Back
Revolutionary educator

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