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 Cover, November/December 2002 UU World: Afghan Journal

opening words

Christmas Beatitudes

Blessed are they who have vision enough to behold a guiding star in the dark mystery which girdles the earth; blessed are they who have imagination enough to detect the music of celestial voices in the midnight hours of life; blessed are they who have faith enough to contemplate a world of peace and justice in the midst of present wrong and strife.
        Blessed are they who have wisdom enough to know that the kingdom of heaven is very close at hand, and that all may enter in who have eyes to see and ears to hear and hearts to understand.


Social activist and minister of First Unitarian Church in Rochester, New York, from 1928 to 1958, and a signer of the first Humanist Manifesto. Excerpted from We Speak of Life (Beacon Press, 1955).

features November/December 2002 · VOL XVI NO 6

Afghan Journal
COVER STORY. Glimpses of daily life in Afghanistan challenge a reporter's Unitarian Universalist principles, but give a human face to a struggling society. /BY DAVID ZUCCHINO

Why Dr. King Wasn't a UU
Racism wasn't the only barrier that kept the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. from becoming a Unitarian. /BY ROSEMARY BRAY McNATT

Adventures in Fellowship
The fellowship movement transformed the UUA, spreading congregations far and wide. A look back at a bold experiment in growth. /BY WARREN R. ROSS

On the cover: A boy with a homemade toy assault rifle at the Maslakh refugee camp in western Afghanistan. Photograph by David Zucchino.

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Afghan Journal
by David Zucchino

Why MLK Wasn't UU
by Rosemary Bray McNatt

Fellowship Movement
by Warren R. Ross


From the Editor

From the President
What is our faith worth?

Refugee strength; West's legacy; courageous host

Waking up in Budapest

A demanding joy

In memoriam
Philip Simmons

UU Trend
Affordable housing

Living the Faith
Redefining 'family'

Congregational Life
Defending civil liberties

UU Bookshelf
Hungry for freedom

What in the World?
Discussion topics on UU World articles

Looking Back
A Unitarian carol

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