March/April 2002 - Vol XVI No 2
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Forrest Church's Theology for the 21st Century; Special Issue: The Realities of Life with Terrorism; more from the archives
Cover, March/April 2002 UU World: Understanding Evil

opening words

Anxiety the Teacher

Whoever has learned to be anxious in the right way has learned the ultimate.... Then anxiety enters into his soul and searches out everything and anxiously torments everything finite and petty out of him, and then it leads him where he wants to go. . . . [Thus] the individual through anxiety is educated into faith.

The Concept of Anxiety, 1844. Quoted in Robert Gerzon's article, "Sacred Anxiety," in this issue.


Violence and Doctrine

Christianity has disastrously misinterpreted Jesus' death, leaving a legacy of violence. / BY RITA NAKASHIMA BROCK AND REBECCA ANN PARKER

Sacred Anxiety

The key to serenity in stressful times may be the ability to put anxiety to good use. /BY ROBERT GERZON

Beautiful Words

Master calligrapher Margaret Shepherd transforms 'the words the church is made of' into dazzling modern art. /BY CHRISTOPHER L. WALTON

On the cover: Mosaic detail, "Christ in Benediction Enthroned with Four Angels." Nave, Basilica of St. Apollinare Nuovo (Arian), Ravenna, 6th century. Copyright Scala/Art Resource, New York.
Violence and Doctrine
by Rita Nakashima Brock and Rebecca Ann Parker
Sacred Anxiety
By Robert Gerzon
Beautiful Words
by Christopher L. Walton

From the Editor
Provocative, prophetic
Our Calling
What does it mean to have a black president?
Universalist theology in a new century; economic principles; challenging Islam
Nobel prophets; an unexpected connection; Passover's promise
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Community organizing
Congregational Life
What GA can do for you
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Travel guides for the spirit
What in the World?
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Looking Back
Woman who led the peace movement

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