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November/December 2001 - Vol XV No 5
UU World: The Magazine of the Unitarian Universalist Association
Cover, November/December 2001 UU World: Theology for the 21st Century From the editors:The calamitous attacks of September 11 occurred as this issue of UU World was going to press. Our coverage of Unitarian Universalist responses will appear in the January/February issue. Tom Stites explains. Meanwhile, please visit the UUA's Web site for news, commentary, and worship resources from Unitarian Universalists around the world.


A Theology for the 21st Century
Universalism, freshly imagined for our time, presents a faith to live for. /BY FORREST CHURCH

Unfinished Houses
Our lives, like our houses, are works in progress, and we're never really settled in the end. /BY PHILIP SIMMONS

How Much Do We Deserve?
Principles of distributive justice can help economics serve the common good. /BY RICHARD S. GILBERT

On the cover: Photograph © Philip Gould/CORBIS 1993.


21st Century Theology
by Forrest Church

Unfinished Houses
By Philip Simmons

Distributive Justice
by Richard S. Gilbert


From the Editor
Fresh theology in a time of horror

Our Calling
From the President

India's unbroken people; human rights in the U.S.; Wright's Universalist gem

Personal alarms; back to nature; everywhere incarnate

UU Trend
Greening our churches

Congregational Life
Feeding the spirit

UU Bookshelf
Why Jesus' death didn't save us

What in the World?
Discussion topics on UU World articles

Looking Back
A century at Ferry Beach


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