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Unfinished Journey: Selma '65 featuring Martin Luther King's eulogy for James Reeb (May/June 2001)
Vol XV No 3 - July/August 2001
UU World: The Magazine of the Unitarian Universalist Association
Cover, July/August 2001 UU World: India's Broken People opening words

Song of Peace

This is my home, the country where my heart is;
Here are my hopes, my dreams, my holy shrine;
But other hearts in other lands are beating
With hopes and dreams as true and high as mine.

"This Is My Song," copyright 1934, 1962 Lorenz Publishing Co.,
used by permission; hymn 159 in
Singing the Living Tradition


Transforming the Lives of India's Broken People
The UU Holdeen India Program empowers the "untouchables" — and helps them in the aftermath of a major earthquake. /BY DAVID ZUCCHINO

A New Realism for Human Rights
On the 40th anniversary of Amnesty International, its executive director — a former UUA president — presents a new case for human rights. An excerpt from a new book by Beacon Press. /BY WILLIAM F. SCHULZ

An Enviable Partnership
Outgoing UUA President John Buehrens and Moderator Denny Davidoff assess their eight-year shared administration. /BY TOM STITES

Campaign Enters Final Stretch
The General Assembly will draw several thousand people to Cleveland, where delegates will elect a new president, moderator, and other officers. /BY CHRISTOPHER L. WALTON

On the cover: Artwork (background) celebrating the daily lives of women of the Warli tribe who have been freed from bonded labor through the effort of a grass-roots union supported by the UU Holdeen India Program. Photo (foreground) of tribal people — former bonded laborers, now free — in the village of Avandhe in Thane district, by the Rev. Olivia Holmes. Cover design by Dennis Paiva.


India's Broken People
by David Zucchino

Human Rights Realism
by William F. Schulz

Enviable Partnership
by Tom Stites

Election Preview
by Christopher L. Walton


From the Editor
Essayist Phil Simmons finds a following

Growing a soul in office

Grateful fathers; enthusiasm's fans; tax your enemies

Bearing witness; bored silly; making belief

UU Trend
Youth make a difference

Congregational Life
Alternatives to the war on drugs

UU Bookshelf
Summer reading

What in the World?
Discussion topics on UU World articles

Looking Back
Wright's church turns 50


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